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December 2020

Jigsaw technique of cooperative learning

Jigsaw technique of cooperative learning

Jigsaw is a technique for cooperative learning, where each student in a school assumes responsibility for one piece of material and then teaches it to the other members of the group. Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, to shape a full body of information, students match their individual chunks together.

Top 4 UX tips for better e-learning.

Top 4 UX tips for better e-learning.

Good UX and UI essentially comes down to following certain rules which are empirical and based on extensive user studies of interfaces. There are some principles that you can follow to ensure your e-learning platform has acceptable to delightful experience.

Skimming behaviours, visual span, Gestalt, visual scanning, and much more – these are established with eyeball tracking studies and user research. Below, I summarize the top 4 practices that you can follow


Things that make your e-learning content fascinating?

Several e-learning platforms mean more competition amongst them. And the one which possesses the best content wins the heart of the learners. From scripting to storytelling what to include and what not and what role the mixed media plays in enhancing the level of readability, all these essentials you will find in this blog.

Are e-learning platforms biased_

Are e-learning platforms biased?

We define bias in a human context. We rarely come across biased machine. Have you seen an ice cream vending machine that dispenses 20 grams extra to kids of certain ethnicity? Have you? Unlikely. Software and Algorithms can act strange. How? Read on