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January 2021

JS Good Parts

JavaScript: The Good Parts – Book Review

Crockford tells us how to avoid the pitfalls and write reliable code using the language of the Web, which is not going away soon. The 5 hour Web Series by Yahoo on YouTube by the same name is even better. Crockford is a tech entertainer. Lectures are arresting and insightful.

Click Book

Click! – Book Review

Click! is conversational, educational & personal. It makes conversion rate, KPIs, and sales funnel more relatable. Definitely recommended for anyone working on a commercial website.

Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Biology – Book Review

Mathematical modeling is being applied in every major discipline in the biomedical sciences. A very different application, and surprisingly successful is in psychology such as modeling various human interactions and predicting divorce.

Ramdas and Ramdasi

Ramdas and Ramdasi – Book Review

This book was first published in 1928. Written by an American Wilbur Deming about an Indian – Marathi Saint – Samarth Ramdas. Western perspective on what is religious matter to Maharashtrian. Some management lessons here.


Pride and Prejudice – Book Review

Honestly, my vocabulary and English as language improved after reading this book. For the first time, I could feel the flourish in the language. If somebody had told me I’d love a romance before I read this book, I would have laughed derisively.