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June 2021

Why does dress code really matter?

Why does dress code really matter in American Schools?

Many studies revealed how dress codes harm student’s feelings and there is a drastic change in their behaviour. Dress codes are meant for creating uniformity among the students and not any form of discrimination. If properly and leniently enforced, the concept of dress code could be a source of positivity and unity in the schools.

Dr. R.K. Anand's Guide to Child Care-Book Review

Dr. R.K. Anand’s Guide to Child Care-Book Review

Generally, Dr. Spock is a go to guide for newbie (first-time) parents. But this book is more Indian. I bought when my first child arrived. My wife actually visited him when she was an infant. So we trusted this book. A complete guide for new parents or rather I would say an encyclopedia containing useful information about child care. It can be a wonder for the inexperienced or the struggling new parents. The book contains a wide range of information from newborns to teenagers.