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The Dan Sullivan Question – Book Review

The Dan Sullivan Question

Short but very thought provoking. Its 50 page, 1500 word essay. Available on Amazon India for INR ~2500. Recommended to me by Shrikant Somani, Head of Sales at GreyAtom.

If you want some help with figuring out how to make the life you want happen, his well-thought question will help you get to the right answers. If you are in sales or wanting to grow your company in the B2B sector this is a must-read.

The “question” is a great one. Here it is

“If we were having this discussion three years from today and you’re looking back over those three years what has to happen in your life both personally and professionally for you to feel happy with your progress?” 

People want CLARITY (of future direction), CONFIDENCE (of what already achieved), and CAPABILITY (to achieve bigger goals)! 

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