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Interview Prep

For professionals with 6 to 14 years of experience

People who eventually find success have certain traits that stand out even at an interview stage.

I have conducted 1000+ interviews, not as a recruiter but as a co-founder of a company. I have been recruiting for my own company. So it is 100% ownership with very high diligence to select people at entry level laterally and even leadership hiring.

The way we’re going to do this is – Will pose one question every video and answer it. 6 to 14 years is a fairly large spectrum; it can be very much we like early entrant to mid-management, to possibly someone who’s on the brink of a leadership kind of role. 


There will be answers that are coming. The intent is not to parrot out the same answers verbatim. The objective is to provide a framework. Also, understand why a certain question is asked in the first place. 


I speak from personal experience, from co-panellist, good HR consultants, in-house human resource professionals and my general interaction with many folks on either side of the table. 

Are you an organized person

Episode #006 – Are you an organized person?

You are organised, but at the same time, you understand what the situation is and are able to exercise the right muscle in the right proportion for the situation.