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GreyAtom raised $1M from Pravega Ventures

The Economic Times

Customer360 acquired by NASDAQ listed company ININ-Genesys, USA


GreyAtom raised pre-Series A from Pravega Ventures and Montane Ventures


Indian software’s eating the world

Here’s some more validation for Indian startups targeting global markets with B2B (business-to-business) software products.

GreyAtom acquihired vy BrowserStack

BrowserStack Acquires Professional Upskilling Platform GreyAtom

BrowserStack, the world’s leading web and mobile app testing platform has acquired GreyAtom, an EdTech startup specializing in industry-relevant programs in emerging technologies.

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Mayuresh excels at assessing market needs and building organizational capabilities in order to help define the organization’s strategic thrust, future goals, and product/service offerings. He can set direction, mobilize the support of teams and drive for results.

Mayuresh has bootstrapped from 3-member founder teams – to work in companies sized 100,000+ people. Experienced in raising funds from Angels and VCs. He has seen the life-cycle of businesses from inception to successful exit multiple times. He has worked and experienced different aspects of business – strategic, commercial, people, creative, financial and delivery.

He has worked in Healthcare for 6 years (Pharma/ Payor/ Provider), B2B SaaS for 4 Years and EdTech for 4 Years. He can mix Data Science, Technology, Learning, and User Experience to build products for all stakeholders. In the future, focus is EdTech. Specifically, on building products for Learners that create impact for learners and drive financial for businesses.

If push comes to shove – He can code. Check out my GitHub profile.

Mayuresh Shilotri is a graduate from Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Madras. 

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