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Work Blurbs

What exactly happened along the way.

I excel at assessing market needs and building organizational capabilities in order to help define the organization’s strategic thrust, future goals, and product/service offerings. I can set direction, mobilize the support of teams and drive for results.

I have bootstrapped for 3-member founder teams – to work in companies sized 100,000+ people. Experienced in raising funds from Angels and VCs. I have seen the life-cycle of businesses from inception to successful exit multiple times. I have worked and experienced different aspects of business – strategic, commercial, people, creative, financial and delivery.

I have worked in Healthcare for 6 years (Pharma/ Payor/ Provider), B2B SaaS for 4 Years and EdTech for 4 Years. I can mix Data Science, Technology, Learning, and User Experience to build products for all stakeholders. In the future, focus is EdTech. Specifically, on building products for Learners that create impact for learners and drive financial for businesses.

If push comes to shove – I can code. Check out my GitHub profile.


May 2021 - Present
  • Developing marketing strategies to promote new products in order to gain market share
  • Managing a team of designers, engineers, marketers, and other staff to develop new products
  • Creating business cases for new products based on research and market analysis
  • Developing a product roadmap with specific goals and milestones that align with the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Managing the development of new products from concept to commercialization
  • Conducting market research to identify new product opportunities that meet customer needs
  • Preparing budgets for product development projects and managing expenses throughout the process


Dec 2016 - May 2021
  • 15,000+ Brick and Mortar Community – DataGiri built. 100+ physical Meetups conducted in Mumbai, London, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru
  • Built a Network of Data Science 200+ Speakers
  • Hosted Data Science celebrities like Dr. D. J. Patil, Srikanth Velakamani (Fractal-CEO) and many more.
  • Curated well attended, High academic value events  
Customer Acquisition
  • 1,400+ learners acquired for Classroom Program 
  • 4,500+ learners acquired for workshops
  • 100,000 learners onboarded during the lockdown on programs under the ELIS initiative of AICTE.
  • Effective multi-channel nurturing programs to drive conversions.
Product - Measurement Framework
  • Proposed a skill competency framework agnostic of the underlying training program. 
  • This is foundation of all the metric capture and subsequent use cases like Recommender system, revision plans and 
  • Conceptualized and iterated the GTM, Value Prop & Upsell Funnel for the Workshops. 
  • Totally a Lockdown phenomena. Helped us en cash on the broader trend. Did $100k in 4 months. Unit positive since conceptualization.
Pay Later Programs - Income Share Agreement Based
  • Acquired ~350 learners for iteration #1 from Tier #2 and Tier #3 cities/ town for the Pay Later Program. 
  • Built brand GreyAtom & relationships across Campuses in Maharashtra/ Karnataka. Travelled 24,000km in 4 months. 
  • Students from economically challenged situations trained and placed with compensation of 6LPA.
  • Iterated the GTM, Value Prop, Selection Process, Onboarding for the Learners.

Customer360 & ININ

Jul 2013 – Feb 2017 (3 yrs 8 mos)​
  • Raised ~$1M in VC Capital. Built the UX and Product Practice.
  • Built a customer base of 2,200 B2B customers using Organic channel (Quora).
  • Built a paid agent license usage of 10,000 across customers. 7 Enterprise clients across OTA, Real Estate, Housing and more.
Product/ UX
  • Architecting Product from absolute first principles. We were inspired by Freshworks.
  • Bringing Design First principles to Customer360. Framework selection/ Tech Implementation/ Delivery 
  • Customer led product development – Bringing in Product feature prioritization in practice.
Customer Acquisition
  • Partnerships – Aggregators like Payment Gateway, Multi-national directories, other product companies 
  • Quora. 
  • Building a multi-channel inside sales organization.


Dec 2009 – Jun 2013 (3 yrs 7 mos)
  • Handled 14 member team to handle a total revenue of ~$2.5M.
  • Optimized marketing spends ($390M) for MNC Pharmaceutical companies for a drug with more than $3B in revenue. Brought ~4% in savings in CoGS. 
  • End to End ownership of P&L, Client Engagement, Delivery for key Pharma client.
  • The best practices/ innovations introduced in Multi Channel Optimization methods still in place at Cognizant. 
  • Star Employee of the Year 2010
Business Level
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Return on Investment for Sales Promotion programme
  • Promotional Response Modeling
  • Customer Valuation
  • Portfolio & Marketing Mix Optimization
Data Science Level
  • Statistical Modeling, Research
  • Model Building: ARIMA, LOGISTIC, CHAID, Logistic Regression, Multiple Regression
  • Predictive Modeling, Time series forecasting
  • Factor & Cluster analysis
  • Linear Discriminant Analysis, Conjoint Analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis, Non-Linear Principal Component Analysis,
  • Neural Network based Models
  • Responsible for finding out new statistical approaches to client given business problem


Jul 2005 – Jun 2007 (2 yrs)
  • Proactively search for improvement opportunities in the Application and work out a solution. Mentoring new trainees. Code Development, Testing and QA. Creating Business Requirement Document, Test Plans, etc.
  • Automation of daily job monitoring activities through auto-trigger routines resulting in savings of over 800 hours of effort per annum