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Outside of Work

Fitness & Tinkering with Tools

Well this is a part of the website I can let my hair down (whatever is left ;-))

I enjoy multiple things. Honestly, it keeps evolving. However, some things have stayed constant. 

Gym & Meditation


I am into Cardio, Weights and Yoga (mostly meditation). Love to put the headphones ON and immerse. Not a networker in Gym. Headphones are Gym Instructor repellants. Enjoy getting sweaty. Gym Music is in Sanskrit. No hard rock, heavy metal. 

All Gym accessories are more than 5 years old. Prioritize Form, Reps, Range, breathing over pushing for poundage. Workout at least 4 times a week.

Mayuresh Shilotri Marathon

Marathon Run

7 km run - In Thane Hiranandani - 2014.

Mayuresh Shilotri in Gym 3

Workout - During Vacation

The Hotel needs to have a Gym. That is the only criteria on OTA sites. Strangely, Fitness center has unique interpretations in India.

Mayuresh Shilotri in Gym 1

Gym - When travelling

This looks like a Gym in Kolhapur - Hotel Vrishali.


Gym - Post Lockdown

Nov 2020 - VFS Fitness Thane. Literally 2 minutes away from my home.

Tinkering with Tools in my own Home Depot


I have built a wooden table, painted rooms, repaired water pumps, did tiling & flooring, put electrical fittings, plumbing. Enjoy building things with Hand. I have fiddled and spoilt and fixed a lots of electronics.  

Don’t do a lot of the physically repetitive and tedious stuff now. But have done it all. 

Have few cuts & injuries to show. I am routine Tetanus shot customer. 

Built my kit of Electrex Drilling Machine, Stanley Tools, stuff from Sears (ratchet, sockets, wrenches, pliers, power tools and more) from Home Depot. Thats a sure thing on my list as and when I visit a Home Depot or Sears.

Have spent generous amounts at times to buy stuff. All tools very well oiled and maintained. 

Once prototyped a Solar Water Heater.

This helped me setup with Operations a lot. Budgeting, Labour, Time & Material, Hardware, Compliances and more. 

GreyAtom Samruddhi Office Setup

Setting up Samruddhi Venture Park GreyAtom Office

Feb 2017 - Samruddhi was a 4800 sq.ft office that we occupied for 3 years at GreyAtom. We worked 3 shifts, 10 people for 11 days to get this office ready.

GreyAtom Classroom

Setting up GreyAtom Classrooms in Chandivili

2018 - Tweaked the office spaces as Classrooms with minimal changes for maximum utilization.

Fun Times

Fun getting going

One of the journeys in Eicher 507.

Setting up ININ Office

Setting up the ININ Office in Mumbai post acquisition

Indexing the Art by my Daughter

My daughter’s artwork is always something I’m proud of. She is now six years old (2021). She has only just begun. This page is simply a way for me to express my support for her.

She mainly works with oil pastels and crayons on white paper canvas. She’s also tried her hand at painting with poster colours.

She does her work in a few hours over several days.

I admire her teacher for inspiring the students to work hard. I think my daughter would not have been able to accomplish so much without her help. I am sometimes amazed to see the choice of colours, the patterns and the maturity she weaves into all of them.

She is just getting started.

My contribution to these drawings is pure moral support. Nothing else.

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