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I get a lot of email, and it can take time to get back to everyone. Before you contact me directly check questions. Use the feedback form below if it isn’t here.

All that info is available below if you want to know what hardware, software, font, theme, or device I use. 

I’m happy to help as best I can if you want career or growth advice. I recommend that you post it on Quora and tag me as A2A so that the wider community can gain, but if you want to privately, I’ll still try to respond! 

I’m totally going to take your free things. If you’d like to give me a sticker, a T-shirt (L) or a Maruti Vitara Brezza. I can’t guarantee that I’ll share your stuff or talk about it but if it’s interesting, I’ll probably do it! 

Mayuresh Shilotri,

Ram Niwas, Ram Maruti Rd,

1st Lane, Nr. Jain Mandir, 

Naupada, Thane West 400602

Maharashtra, India

You’ve done it! Please contact mayuresh(dot)shilotri(at)gmail(dot)com for everything else, including conference invites, Faculty Development Services, Podcast Sponsorship and Places-to-Eat out tips. 

Here are a couple of tips for writing to me: 

  • Use paragraphs to avoid large text walls.
  • Keep it as short as you can

Thanks, have a great day!


What equipment I use for Videos?

Everyday I get a few emails asking about the specifics of some piece of software or hardware I use.

I change up things fairly often, so this page will serve as a living document and a place to point curious creators to when I get asked.

If there is something missing leave a comment below or ask in my AMA — happy to chat and help you figure out your own situation.

Editor + Terminal

  1. Atom is my current editor which I switched to in April 2020 after years of Sublime Text.
  2. Sublime Text V3 beta in 4 pane grid view is my favourite tool to place tasks in working memory. 
  3. My favourite fonts are Roboto Mono, Courier and Open Sans
  4. I’m a primarily a Chrome person – Firefox in 2nd place. 

Desktop Apps

I design almost entirely in Canva and GIMP


  1. I use Loom and OBS to record and edit my screencasts
  2. Cad U37 USB Condenser Recording Microphone w/ Full-Size Headphones and Knox Pop Filter on a Kadence Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand.
  3. I use for transcription. 
  4. My webcam is a Logitech HD Pro C922
  5. All this gear is pretty demanding, so I use an TP-Link UH400 4-Port USB Hub (Black) to make it all work at once while only having to plug in a single cable.
  6. I hear songs on Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones with Mic.

Desk Setup

  1. My main monitor is a 24″ Dell
  2. I have a Macbook Pro 2018 with STRIFF Laptop Stand Portable Foldable Holder Fit for MacBook
  3. I sit on a polished aluminum chair with Grin Health Memory Foam Back Cushion and Orthopedic Backrest Pillow with Full Back & Lumbar Support and Callas Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion for Lower Back, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain Relief (Gray). I am 100% free of back ache etc. I intend to stay that way.  
  4. My desk is a Ikea LAGKAPTEN tbl tp 200×60 black-brown AP
  5. The keyboard is an Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard (Black). Its a noisy mechanical keyboard and thats the way I like it. 
  6. Mouse is a Dell with a wrist-rest mousepad

Subscriber Questions

What are the charges for subscription?


I downloaded something for free when I subscribed to your mailing list, but now I cannot find it. What am I supposed to do?

Open the last email you got from me, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on Members-Only. It ought to be there.

How do I subscribe to your mailing list?

Click here, give me your email address, and then search for a confirmation email from me in your inbox. If you can’t see it, it may be in your junk or spam folder. There is a fair chance that you have entered your email address incorrectly if you can’t find it anywhere. Try again!

Collaborating with MS

I have a full schedule of other tasks I’m already working on, aside from the daily work it takes to keep the site going, so there’s very little space to take on anything else. With that said, I definitely don’t want to miss a chance to meet more individuals or join forces with someone who has a different set of abilities than my own. To explain the idea that you have in mind, use the contact form below. It will be added by my team to our list of projects to consider, which I review once a month. I’ll let you know if it looks like something I want to fit into my schedule!

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Write to me - mayuresh (dot) shilotri (at) gmail (dot) com

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