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Hey, I’m Mayuresh Shilotri


In short..

I’m a entrepreneur & tinkerer from Mumbai (Thane), India. I’m 37 years old and I’ve been building businesses for about 8 years. 

I understand technology to build products for customers in B2B and B2C space. Built product/ revenue/ team from scratch. 

A little more ...

I’ve been in love with tinkering to build human experience using technology for over half my working life. Constantly learning, improving. I consider myself a hacker in that I’m always using technology to solve my life’s problems and ambitions.

I love to mentor. Been guiding aspirants/ learners with career queries. Conducting programs for Professors in Engineering Colleges in Teaching better Online. Guiding young entrepreneurs. 


I live in a really cool city called Thane in its downtown core in a super old house with my wife Karuna, my daughter Sia, my Mom and sister. I don’t post pics with my daughter online.

I have a few hobbies. I do a lot of home improvement work – built wooden tables, electric string lights, painting, flooring. Basically, I have built a repository of miniature Home Depot store at home. I like to read books in English, Marathi and Hindi. I like to learn. Yes – Learning is my hobby. I’ve recently experimented into cooking.

Mayuresh Shilotri

I love to build stuff

I am a middle class (by upbringing) individual from Mumbai. Iterating through life. Break - Learn - Build - Grow - Unlearn - Again Break.

What do I write

On Product, EdTech, UX, Customer Development & Early Stage Growth. 2,000-Word posts only.

Raw Perspective

Telling you things as they are. Raw. Perspectives you only get if you reach a point in the journey.

About me

Like occasional gymming. No frills human. Like to read. Laugh. Teetotaller. Foodie. Work is worship.  


I intend to use this website to reflect majorly on my experiences personal and professional (separately).


Built 2 startups ground up. Got acquired by an American NASDAQ listed company. 2nd was acqui-hired.

My Story


I am from a conservative Maharashtrian family. Education was the ladder to opportunity. Created a few opportunities. Converted fewer out of them. Working my way through failure and success. Working for 15+ years – Saw a few things in UX, Product, Marketing, Early Stage Growth, Technology, Edtech, Data Science, Venture Capital and little more. This is my attempt at sharing the experience & learnings. 

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