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The trends of the year: Micro-learning and Online Teaching.


E-learning platforms are gaining a lot of popularity these days. This might be because of the pandemic the world is facing. This is a significant change in the way of learning.


Learning is a constant process of experiencing changes. Micro-learning and online teaching are the two most followed tendencies. It is important that you need to be aware of why these trends are gaining popularity and their effects on the learning process.


No matter if you are just a beginner or a professional, there are two most important trends of the year which you need to be aware of- they are micro-learning and online teaching. Micro-learning is related to shorter units of learning or gaining a short term skill-based course. And online teaching is the teachings given to the students via video calls. Both learning are much adopted by people of all ages. 

Online teaching is preferred by all school-based children and college-based students. Micro-learning is the prime preference of all the youngsters who are students or employees. It is very common these days that you find a child holding a smartphone or a tablet in his hand and taking live video call classes. 

This is a very convenient way for both the teacher and the learner. You will also see fewer books around the students as most of the study materials are provided to the students online only. The learners are smartly using this opportunity to gain knowledge. You may witness several trends coming and going, so let us get started with these two ongoing trends of the year. 


1. Micro-learning and Online Teaching are the two most convenient forms of teaching.

I am saying this because both these forms of learning are very well used by the learners to make it more interesting and enjoyable. The children find online video teaching more suitable than the ordinary form of teaching. They can comfortably sit in their homes and enjoy learning. 

The teachers also find it much more convenient and teach according to the student’s interest. There are live sessions where the students can clear all their doubts and several extra classes are also offered if the student cannot cope up. 

These forms of teaching have not only helped the learner to gain subject knowledge, but also have developed communication skills. They are now much more comfortable talking in a face-to-face chats to make their point. It forms a real-time connection between the student and a teacher, which helps. 

2. Helps in developing the active skills

Online learning has made students a technology freak. They are much more active and involved in the live classes. Now, the students are taking more interest in studying because the online sessions offer various game-based teaching. It includes things like quizzes, determining the right answers with several pictures and videos, and so on.

All these gaming sessions maintain the interest of the students for a longer duration. They don’t feel bored with just listening to long lectures. Visuals usually attract people’s attention more than normal talk. The teachers are also including some fun sessions in between the classes for a better response

3.The students retain the teaching for a longer duration.

The live sessions in both microlearning and online teachings are of shorter durations. The lessons given are either live or in the form of a short video of about 10 to 15 minutes. It is a basic human tendency that a human may lose concentration in a lecture of 1 hour. This is very normal and in this case, the student does not retain things for long. 

It is also proven that a brain retains visuals more than written or said things. Educational videos are more effective and impactful.

4. In demand because of its flexibility.

The best thing about these two lessons is that they possess a lot of flexibility. Micro-learning is a short-term course, because of its duration people widely accept it. A student can enroll at any point in time. It depends on the learner how much he/she wants to devote to it. 

And for the online teaching, the student can see the recorded videos, if he/she has missed the live classes. There are also pre-recorded short videos available which a student can see to understand the entire topic. Because of its benefits of learning at any place and any point in time, it is accepted by most people.

5. More exposure to extracurricular activities

While studying online, they expose the students to several extra activities. This helps them to learn new disciplines and knowledge about those things which could get them to learn in their normal traditional classes. 

The extracurricular activities can be a DIY activity (do it yourself), cooking, photography, art, yoga, etc. As in the traditional way of learning, there are certain strict rules, due to which the students don’t have enough time or energy to do these.


6. More power to self-directed learning

Micro-learning and online teaching have given rise to self-directed learning. With the ease of time and place in both these learning, the learners can study independently. They get more for self-study as they can plan their schedule according to their needs. In this way, the students can easily take out time for playing video games or any outdoor activity.

7. Artificial Intelligence is incorporated with both the lessons

Artificial intelligence is considered being the future of technology. AI helps in improving the quality of learning. With this, the students have the benefits of receiving the latest digital content. Several e-learning platforms have incorporated AI in their platform so that the students can have the best experience. Brain pattern activity is an example of AI, which can predict the future of the e-learning platform. The usage of AI will continue to increase more in the future.

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