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Karuna Shilotri

EdTech Leader

Karuna Shilotri


Mar 2021 - Present


Nexford is a next-generation, online university based in Washington DC. Earn a globally affordable, accredited degree program at a flexible pace.

Feb 2020 – Feb 2021 (1 yr)


In my 1000+ sessions journey at Whitehat, I got to delve deep into the Academics delivery side of the customer lifecycle. What is unique about this delivery experience is that it has helped me apply my 3+ year sales and B2C experience in generating a conversion ratio of 23%(almost double the average platform ratio), an average customer rating of 4.9(of 5), and a Mentor promotion within a few months of my stint here.

Feb 2017 – Feb 2020 (3 yrs)


Being part of the journey of building a $1 M+ annual revenue for GreyAtom.

Jul 2005 – Jun 2012 (7 yrs)

Technology Roles

Roles in Mumbai and Louisville, Kentucky


About Me

I am a demonstrated leader with experience in problem-solving, building high performing teams and capable of driving end-to-end business functions.

I have head the Admissions at GreyAtom, an Ed-Tech company (raised USD 1.2M in pre-series A round). The journey from Day-1 was immensely challenging and rewarding. I have been responsible for steering business development, customer insights, process optimization, new platform evaluation/onboarding, sales-led marketing, training, and team development. I see myself identifying and driving new business opportunities end-to-end through innovation, collaboration, and customer focus.

I am a positive person with good social skills. A fair knowledge about technology and my passion for marketing, has helped me blend well in all my roles. Working in various geographies has given me a lot of exposure to diverse cultures, and has helped me groom my interpersonal skills. I enjoy working in heterogeneous and multi-cultural groups. I am keen on the areas of product management, customer engagement, and analytics.

I have had an excellent academic career to back me up and an equally remarkable stint with the corporate.  Apart from family and work commitments, I love exploring new places and am a humanitarian at heart.

EdTech Capabilities

EdTech Capability

Visualization Inspiration – Higher Education Digital Capability Framework. An open-source capability framework for higher education. 4 dimensions, 16 domains and 70+ capabilities.

Link –

Design Competencies


Dec 2016 - Present
  • 15,000+ Brick and Mortar Community – DataGiri built. 100+ physical Meetups conducted in Mumbai, London, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru
  • Built a Network of Data Science 200+ Speakers
  • Hosted Data Science celebrities like Dr. D. J. Patil, Srikanth Velakamani (Fractal-CEO) and many more.
  • Curated well attended, High academic value events  
Customer Acquisition
  • 1,400+ learners acquired for Classroom Program 
  • 4,500+ learners acquired for workshops
  • 100,000 learners onboarded during the lockdown on programs under the ELIS initiative of AICTE.
  • Effective multi-channel nurturing programs to drive conversions.
Product - Measurement Framework
  • Proposed a skill competency framework agnostic of the underlying training program. 
  • This is foundation of all the metric capture and subsequent use cases like Recommender system, revision plans and 
  • Conceptualized and iterated the GTM, Value Prop & Upsell Funnel for the Workshops. 
  • Totally a Lockdown phenomena. Helped us en cash on the broader trend. Did $100k in 4 months. Unit positive since conceptualization.
Pay Later Programs - Income Share Agreement Based
  • Acquired ~350 learners for iteration #1 from Tier #2 and Tier #3 cities/ town for the Pay Later Program. 
  • Built brand GreyAtom & relationships across Campuses in Maharashtra/ Karnataka. Travelled 24,000km in 4 months. 
  • Students from economically challenged situations trained and placed with compensation of 6LPA.
  • Iterated the GTM, Value Prop, Selection Process, Onboarding for the Learners.