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Are You A “STRATEGIC” Product Manager?


Product management is quite an important role in any company as it serves as the message carrier between the market and the respective department, all the crucial information which is required for the company. 

Sometimes, it is also seen that the product management reports directly to the chief executive officer only and acts as the representative of the same.  

The tactical role or you can say the strategic role of product management is best defined as the framework or a model for a market driven company which includes different things like planning, market problems, pricing, profit / loss analysis, customer retentivity, the effectiveness of the program/ product, sales tools, sales process, innovative technology and many other requirements, and then finally the execution of strategy takes place. 


There are many questions regarding Product Management: what is marketing, what are the roles of a product manager or product marketing manager and what is the need of them in a business? To get the clear image of these answers, you read ahead.

What is Marketing?

For getting deeper into this you need to understand what is marketing? Marketing is often considered as similar to promoting, sales, advertisements or public relation; but it is not similar to these. So let’s jump deeper into this.

Marketing is concerned with the creation of a new product according to the customer’s demand and then it involves the four steps or the principles on which it works.  

You need to clearly specify the product details, it’s pricing, the place from where it can be purchased and then the promotion of it in the market. It is like a vast field, including everything from the starting to the end.

However, promotion cannot be termed as marketing, as it is concerned with the advertisement of the product in the best possible way. It can be done well via online as well in offline mode.  

The promotional messages can be sent via emails, or it can be done on social networking websites in order to get more attention by the customers.

Things that you must know about a Product Marketing Manager

The important role of the Product Marketing Manager is to make the best strategy in order to meet customer’s demand and the company’s expectations regarding the new product.

The marketing manager must do the following things:

  • Define the new launch in a way that answers all the market doubts.

  • The backup plan must be ready in order to see that the effectiveness of the products works or not.

  • Must be ready with the next launch plan.

  • Post regular content via emails, blogs, eBooks, etc in order to keep the customer engaged and updated.

  • Identify the best tool for maintaining the lead in business.

  • Create such a field for the customer that leads to greater retention of your product.

  • Maintain a proper presentation or the demo ready about the plans.

An Agile World for Product Management

First, you need to understand what Agile is. Agile is simply a new technology used for the betterment of the business. It includes more interactions with the individuals over using the new tools or processes, having more and more collaborations with the customers, positive response to the sudden change in plans.  


By following all this means the product management structures out the better result. Development is the success key to any business and in this one, agile development proves to be the same.  

Difference between Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager

A product manager is the one who is the part of a development organization responsible for works like developing the product, testing it and then also responsible for shipping of the product.

It is a technical work. Whereas in case of Product Marketing Manager, he is the part of the marketing organization and not of the developing group, his role is to strategize how the product would be launched in the market so that it can receive the maximum engagement of the customer.

You can say that a Product Manager is the one who listens to the demand of the market and starts working on the requirement and the Product Marketing manager is the one who interacts with the market in order to receive the feedback from the customer for the future use.

Who is a Technical Marketing Manager?

As the name suggests, it deals with the technical work from being involved in the development team to the marketing team. He keeps the information related to the product and then maintaining the packaging of the product for the eventual release. This post requires a strong technical knowledge and focused mind.

His roles include the following things:       

  • Keep a sound check on the technology assessment.

  • Keep a tack on the strategy of the market competitor.

  • Must have a clear description of all the launched products.

  • Must have an updated dashboard always ready for the team for the close analysis.

  • Must keep the product ready according to the present scenario. 

Final words..

The role of a product manager is quite skillful from marketing strategies to subject expertise requiring all the latest technology. A Product Marketing Manager can give all the answers and has the best communication skills. 

It has usually been seen that often a company fails in its aim that is because it has paid little attention to the product management rather than it has paid much more attention to the promotions; it is like you are selling the product with no prior knowledge in the respective field. 

Product Management is that strategy that keeps you updated about the coming products in future so that it can serve its customer in a better way. It is a power filled combination of skills, technology, knowledge and new tools.


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