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Correct Content Strategy Would Leave You CONTENT!


What Is Content Strategy?

Content is present everywhere. Everything you read in words, see or hear as videos or images, is the content only. And if we talk about the content strategy, then it is nothing but the strategy of planning about any content.

Content strategy is the strategy of creating, measuring, and promoting content. Content is the one which attracts the visitors to the website. It holds a very important role of influencing and inspiring the visitor to take the action on the website. It helps in creating some meaningful interactions with the visitors.

The content generated on the website must be according to the user’s preference. The content should be regularly revised. As they changed the demands with time. An ideal content should include the following things like:

  1. The audience, as the right targeted audiences, must for any content.

  2. An objective for both you and the visitor for a better understanding,

  3. The topics, as the visitor will get an idea about the type of content within.

  4. Right keywords are must for a better SEO to increase the web traffic. 

  5. Social and email platforms are a must for a better interaction with the audience.

  6. Constant optimization and measurement is important to keep a constant track of the growth and required improvements. 

7 Most Amazing Tips Towards Content Strategy

There may be several tips available online for the right content strategy. It depends upon you to which one to choose. A right content strategy is a must for a perfect content to have the most of the traffic on the website. So the tips are: 

  • Information and graphics: With this I mean to say that the visual effect is the most attractive thing. Meaningful and influential graphics attract most of the visitors. Infographic is the way of presenting the data or the information visually in terms of graphics. These carry a lot of information within. Mostly the people share these kinds of posts on social media. They have the potential of getting viral. They are shared and viewed more compared to others. We can easily include it on your website. You just need to ask the graphic designer of your team to design it for you. They can deliver all your ideas and views to the visitors from data research to statistics. Everything can be included. 

  • Videos and Slides: Videos are the must of any content. Videos and slides are the best way to communicate with the visitors. And let them memorise your message excellently. Videos are sticky. The perfect is not the one with the pleasant music, but your prime importance should be the content displayed or said. Greater importance is to the script. After we make the video, add them to the popular websites like YouTube and more, for a better sharing response. And this eventually increases the traffic on your web page. Try to keep the video or the slide as short as possible. We should focus on it, avoid all unnecessary things in it.

  • Detailed Guides: Guides are long blogs. The content is detailed and fairly written. A good and experienced writer should write it. The readability should be excellent. Just the written matter is not enough, the writer should present it attractively with some innovative ideas to have maximum attention. The layout and the presentation must according to the audience’s preference. You can also give them the option to download the guide as PDF if they wish to login.

  • Lists are must: Lists are the most appealing. People love to read a piece of an article which is written as points which makes it a list. For example, you are currently reading a blog post which comprises a heading termed as “7 Most amazing tips towards content strategy”. Similarly, there can be articles which can be specifically written as lists. They can be numbered ideas or as bullets. The readability is good, as they are in short points. It is very simple to create a list, just pick a topic, then pick a specific number which will be used in the heading and then just listing your ideas or view as short points. Remember to include the introduction in the beginning and conclusion at the end.

  • Link page: A link page is simply a page that comprises the links of some relevant resources. These link pages can be shared as well. And the best thing is that if we share the link to various sites, then also it will keep the original authoritative SEO signals. Creating it is easy. Add a page, add all the links and then hyperlink it and it’s done.

  • Podcasts: Podcasts are an excellent form of content. They are easy to create and simple to understand. For instance, we see that many people often listen to podcasts while doing their daily exercise or any other work. This is one of the best ways to spread your content or message. It can be in many of the formats. You can share this under your blog post or any other social media post. As it is important to announce the launch of any new podcast. 

  • Marketing and Branding: Good marketing acts like a communication source between the content and the reader. As in this, the content strategist has time to use the editorial tools to enhance the content. And the content strategist can use the branding technique to create a focussed content with a specific voice. And we often see that good branding sticks to the visitor’s mind and creates a meaningful impact. Brands can be visual or verbal with kinds of logos, color palette, styles,etc.


It is very important that your content is attractive and different from others. It should be unique enough to attract more and more visitors to your site. 

There are various types of content available, it is good to use as many as possible for maximum attention. Content has got plenty of potential, so use it wisely and make the most of it!

Image by Suomy Nona from Pixabay. 

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