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Manage Your Tasks, Before They Manage You!


What Is Task Management?

Task Management is all about managing the tasks related to its life cycle. It includes various processes like planning, testing, tracking and reporting. Task management lets you achieve the desired goals by sharing and collaborating with the team or the group. The tasks can be easily differentiated by its type of complexity, it could be high or low.

There are also special task management software which helps the entire team or an individual to complete a certain task successfully. There are several characteristics of task management like it notifies the status of any task, its priority and the time taken to complete it. It proves to be an efficient management system for any organization.

Because of its efficient quality, it makes it easier for the project manager to have a detailed and up-to-date schedule for a certain project. Thus the entire team has a simple idea about the right direction to move in.

Task management softwares is a must for the project managers as it lets you have a clear visual of the final status of the task. As these softwares come out with some effective features like built-in calendars and Kanban dashboards. And these features are much helpful than the spreadsheets to keep a track on the work.

The best thing about this software is that many of them are available for free. So you don’t need to bother much about the high expenses.

List of Task Management Softwares

Listed below are the names of some of the most important and useful Task and Project Management Software. They are:

  • Airtable: Airtable is one of the top rated cloud based management software. It is best known for its feature of accurate tracking and scheduling the task. It supports colour coding of tasks with prioritizing the main ones. Also, it allows task commenting, and file sharing. You can easily create infinite bases with if necessary can also include mobile apps and other task management. Though there is a limited space of about 2 GB in the free version of the software. But the good thing is you can easily extend this limit by buying the pack of your choice. The other advantage of this software is that it also has some pre-downloaded templates which usually all the users find quite attractive. It comprises different catalogues, a tracker, blog editor calendar and many more. It is worth using for all the marketing agencies, UI or UX designers, and small groups that are in a need of flexible tools for tracking their work and all the information related to tasks.

  • Clickup: Clickup is also a cloud based management software offering productive solutions. They loaded the tool with several features like dashboards, drag-and-drop option and a recorder with Gantt charts for effective task planning. It includes things like creating sub tracks, tracking time and collaborating with others at the same time. Limited features are available for free, so you need to upgrade to the paid plan for some amazing features and unlimited storage. It is best suited for small teams who want to have a collaborative tool. From the user’s experience it is noted that it has a well responsive customer care support available for most of the time. 

  • Flowlu: Flowlu also a cloud based task management software, which lets you share files, track time and plan tasks effectively. It has some additional or you can do some out of the box functionalities like invoice management and accounting. In the free tier of Flowlu you are only allowed to share files with two people and can create projects, invoices or quotes. For accessing features like creating recurring tasks, using project templates, and extended calendar, you need to upgrade to the advanced paid plan. You can also create the budgets of the project and can then generate the invoices. People love using this feature and find it quite helpful. Flowlu is best suited for those companies who want business management solutions like client management and accounting.

  • Glip: Glip is a cloud based task management tool. It allows you to hold board discussions, video conferencing and document sharing with your colleagues or team. The free version of Glip supports task creation and managing the calendar. You can also communicate easily with others by using the guest chat option. But for reporting any complaint or keeping data you need to upgrade to its paid plan. From user’s experience, they report that the customer service team is highly responsive. It is best suited for all the freelancers and those teams who work in remote areas thus need constant communication while working on any project. 

  • Pipefy: Pipefy is a cloud based workflow and task management software. They loaded it with several features like Kanban dashboard which are used for visualising tasks. Other features include mapping of business workflow and task management. One of its interesting features is that it lets you create pipes using the build in template. We limit number of users to 10 and for pipes it is 5 in the free version of Pipefy. But you can upgrade to the advance plan for more functionalities. Many people find that creating workflows is very easy in Pipefy. It is best suited for those sales teams that are practicing agile project management. 

  • Samepage: Samepage is collaboration software which is cloud based. It supports functions like managing documents in real time and sharing files with the respective team members. Its additional features include chatting, feeds of the activities, calendar management and video conferencing. Best thing is that you can have unlimited members with whom you can share, chat, manage and collaborate. But the file storages up to 2 GB, so you need to upgrade to the advance plan for unlimited storage. Its user interface and navigation are quite simple and easy to use. It is best suited for all the freelancers, startup companies and for those teams who require a real-time chat and videoconferencing.


“Manage Your Tasks, Before They End Up Managing You.”

The task management softwares is quite necessary for an individual to manage all his work-related tasks. It offers a wide range of solutions that reduces the work burden. It’s just that you need to make the right choice of the software which suits your business and fulfil all your needs.


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