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Things You Should Avoid In A Product Manager Interview!



Being a product manager in a company seems to handle things like building, designing, shipping and working on the techniques that how to improve the consistency of it. 

The interview for the product manager can be sometimes tough if you are not fully prepared for it. People consult for different things. Some people take help from books which have log written stories, whereas some people take help from those who are already in this field.


What Things To Do In Your Interview

The following points listed below will let you know things which you should do in your interview.

  • Allow yourself to discover more: What I mean here is enough time is required to prepare yourself for the desired job. You should have enough knowledge on the subject. This would help you answer as many questions as possible. This should not be the case that the interviewer has asked something and you cannot answer the right thing. 

Although this will take time, you should not be in a hurry and apply for a job for which you are not even capable. By doing this, you will only harm yourself and, at a time, you might even doubt your own ability. Great things take more time to happen, so patiently keep trying and increase your subject knowledge.

  • Don’t just depend on the experience: It is good if you already have experience in the product management field but, as mentioned in the above point, discover more. You may think that you have an excellent past record with a good company tag and post, but always remember that a new job demands more.

And it is always good to learn new things. As this will help you target or improve yourself in the new job. Always have a positive approach to learning new things. And while preparing, make sure you get yourself a checklist of things that need to be followed or unfollowed.

  • Imagine yourself in the role: This thing would definitely help you in preparing for the interview. As this might be possible that you are being questioned the same thing that “please elaborate if you are being hired, then what will be your plans?” This question is quite important and has a greater value. And the best thing is, while preparing to answer this question, you will get to know so many new things. 

This would definitely increase your subject knowledge by learning new strategies, discoveries or improvements that you can apply in the new role. Keep this thing simple and try to include necessary things. This would definitely increase your subject knowledge by learning new strategies, discoveries or improvements that you can apply in the new role.

  • Have a command on the questions of the product strategy: A good framework of questions on this is a must thing. you should also develop a proper time management system. And focus on questions clarifying all the features. Breakdown all the complex problems. Have a methodical approach to problems. This will save you time and also have a positive impact. 

  • Go for the interview with full enthusiasm: This point may seem a minute one but have a great importance. Don’t give a chance to the interviewer to think that you are least interested. Stay humble and be curious. Being curious about new things is always a good option.

You should not be doubtful in front of them as this will create an impact that you are not much interested in this job. And there are cases even when you are genuinely excited you can’t show that off. So in this case, you need to be hard on yourself to express it for a good impression.

  • Enjoy your interview: Do not judge the interview based on getting selected or not selected. The scenario should be that whatever the result may be, enjoy the current experience.

From several people’s experiences, we find that in this entire process they get to learn so many new technologies, make new friends which strengthen their connections. And also made them confident about the coming opportunities. Try to be as calm as possible with strong confidence.


Some random questions in the interview

The questions listed below are some common questions which are expected to come in the interview.

These questions are:

  1. What is the latest product that you encountered with or the latest discovery of a product?

  2. They can tell you a product and ask what do you think this product gained so much popularity among the audience?

  3. Or they can name any product and ask what are the flaws in it and what can you do to improve it?

  4. Any latest idea or product in your mind?

  5. Any suggestions on how to make your product interactive and appealing?

  6. Have you come across any situation when the product that you have built is a wrong decision?

  7. Are you creative?

  8. In what field of product management you think you are suitable?

  9. in today’s time, which field in product management is the most innovative and has greater scope?

  10. Any mistake from your experience and what is the lesson that you have learned with it?


It might seem that preparing for an interview is like preparing for any competitive exam. Up to some extent it seems true, but it depends on person to person. If you label your interview as a big problem, then definitely it will be tough to handle and may also lose a chance to get selected. 

But, if you enjoy every moment and study with an open mind in order to gain more knowledge than the scene will be different as now you will adapt things with great ease.


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