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Beyond Good and Evil – Book Review

Beyond Good and Evil

This book is NOT for you if –

  • You are expecting logical buildup, arguments and premises
  • You are a feminist
  • Get offended easily
  • Don’t have patience to reread paragraphs.
  • Can’t sit with a Dictionary.


You should be open to re-read. This book raises questions; does not answer them. There is NO moral insight in the book. Read it dispassionately; and NOT to borrow ideas; or to get a glimpse into Nietzsche.

I felt he criticises every philosophy. Honestly, I gave up after reading 50% through the book and switched to an audio book. There is certain pleasure in declaring a book as read. I am not sure; if I have read or completely heard or understood the book.

The reason I am writing this review is that – something in the book clings to you. When you remember the books that you have read. You cannot escape but to mention this one.

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