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Ramdas and Ramdasi – Book Review

Ramdas and Ramdasi

This book was first published in 1928. Written by an American Wilbur Deming about an Indian – Marathi Saint – Samarth Ramdas. Western perspective on what is religious matter to Maharashtrian. Some management lessons here.

It is NOW out of print. Available as a pre-owned book on and premium copy on I got a copy of this book in 2010 in a rented flat in NCR. The copy belonged to my landlord. 

The book speaks about growth of the Ramdasi cult given the socio-political landscape in Maharashtra or Bombay Presidency as they called it in 1700s. He further documents the decline of this clan and reasons as per him. Book comes across as well researched and scholarly. 

The author did plenty of primary research, including visiting these places in pre-independence India. 

To a product person, this book has the earliest lessons in branding. I read this book when India Against Corruption (IAC) metamorphosed into Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Lessons from Meteoric rise of AAP and lessons from this book seem to resonate. 

Lucky to have read this book. 

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