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Death: An Inside Story



Life after death remains a mystery, isn’t it? We are unaware of our visit to either heaven or hell. To understand whether “death” is a dead-end or whether there is a life after death, we need to traverse through endless options. 

What is the book about?

Our convenience starts with the way we live our life. However, things take a toll when it comes to our ancestors. Since childhood, we have been told about ‘death’ as an unavoidable circumstance, which is true, and Sadhguru explains the mechanism of how life and death work.

The book’s three sections keep you hooked throughout the journey as the concepts explained are extremely interesting and are told in the most fascinating way possible.

Key Takeaways!

The three sections of the book deliver different theories.


The first one elaborates on the meaning of death and explains its importance. Furthermore, Sadhguru dives deeper into the concepts of death, including Pancha Pranas and Chakras. He then illustrated certain types of death, suicide concepts, seeking immortality, and Mahasamidhi.


The second section of the book is a description of “good death” and how to get ready for one. Sadhguru talks about his thoughts on the fear of death and how to overcome it. This section also sheds light on Rananubandha, Heaven, Kalbhairava Karma, etc.


Sadhguru, through the third section of the book, gives an insight into spirits and ghosts. Also, he talks of ways in which we can protect ourselves. The topic of past life and reincarnation is also explored in this section.

Worth the Read?

When you read Death: An Inside Story, you will be continuously interested in seeking more knowledge. Sadhguru has used the simplest ways possible to explain difficult concepts. Moreover, the use of examples makes it easy for anyone to read through the book. 

The book is worth your time and helps you to get rid of “the fear of death.”. Death is inevitable, and the book will allow you to get acquainted with it. As the cover of the book says, this book is for every one who shall die; therefore, Death: An Inside Story will prepare you for that.

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