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How has microlearning and rapid eLearning helped the learning culture?


Creating a strong learning culture for the learners is one of the crucial roles for the developer. However, micro-learning and rapid eLearning have helped the industry make the learning culture more functional and productive. 

This not only helps to improve the overall performance of the employees but also makes them feel motivated and energetic. This blog will let you know how to make the best of microlearning assets and rapid eLearning concepts.

With the help of microlearning and rapid eLearning concepts, it has become easier to facilitate a strong learning culture in the industry. Earlier, this was not that easy. There are numerous advantages of both of them which cannot be denied at any cost. Now let us see how microlearning and rapid eLearning concepts work when paired together.

What is a learning culture, and why it should be incorporated into the working process?

There is a report by Axinify which states that about 81% of the employees prefer and learn more during the training period. This is because they are engaged more as they have to work and learn. Learning is a group comprising values, practices, and processes that help the employees gain knowledge and work experience. 

It is good to encourage the employees to work while learning, helping them be more productive and energetic. In this way, they perform well, and their skills are also enhanced. It is a continuous process giving a good result.

Here are some other benefits that a great learning culture delivers:

  • The profit maximizes along with the productivity.
  • Sense of responsibility increases tremendously.
  • New job posts are easily transmitted.
  • The quality of adapting to recent changes increases.
  • Constant growth and commitments. 

Therefore, we all can accept that developing a great learning culture helps grow and maintain the business. 

Micro-learning, promoting a great learning culture.

With the help of microlearning, it becomes much easier to promote a strong learning culture. This is because of their small size and accessibility on mobile phones and other devices. Microlearning does the following things:

  • Easy collaborations.
  • Possess a wide variety.
  • It can be easily paired with formal training.
  • Provide professional support for more incredible performance.

One of the best things about microlearning is that it can be used at any point of the work frame; thus, there is no delay in work, and the process remains constant. 

How rapid eLearning helps in creating microlearning assets?

Rapid eLearning tools help offer a tremendous amount of work by decreasing the cost and time of the eLearning project. Similarly, they are also brilliant at creating microlearning assets. Suppose both these things, microlearning and rapid eLearning tools, are used together. In that case, they offer some fantastic work in a much shorter duration. 

The role of the microlearning asset would be to help the employees to learn and work without any overload. At the same time, the part of the rapid eLearning tools would be to decrease the overall time of the eLearning project, making it fast and efficient. Rapid eLearning be created by reassigning the eLearning course into a microlearning format. Some examples of rapid eLearning are given below:

  • Lengthy webinars are converted into micro-videos.
  • Long ebooks into short pdfs.
  • Audiotapes into podcasts. 
  • Written checklists into graphical form.
  • Lengthy guidelines are converted in the form of exciting gameplays.

Microlearning can be considered as quick takeaways and can be used anywhere required for performance support or training work. Similarly, rapid eLearning tools convert not only lengthy pieces into shorter work but also provide instructional sounds. This not only promotes active learning but also prevents overload. 

The best way to demonstrate a strong learning culture is to allow freedom of time to the learners. Let them decide at what pace they want to continue, and for that, microlearning is the best tool to use. Microlearning allows the learners to choose time and place according to their needs. The strengthening of the learning culture can be done by effortless delivery of freedom of viewing data and scalability of the product. It also offers data or content to present in several formats required as per the demands of the user. 

On top of all these facilitations, microlearning also offers entertainment related to education or edutainment. It is a unique way of not only educating the employees but also entertaining them at the same time. It is like a small exercise for them to recall everything they have learned in the form of fun games. For example, micro quizzes are best to test the knowledge on a lighter note. 

It helps the employees to retain things for a longer period, and they also get an idea about the practical usage of it. It is like a bonus for any employee. They acquire new skills and the ability to use them in real life. The pair of microlearning and rapid eLearning is the perfect blend for any employee in the workplace, making the learning culture more lively and enthusiastic. 

Rapid eLearning has been practised for years because of its simple and easy usability. But you need to keep one thing in mind that rapid eLearning cannot be used anywhere and everywhere. For instance, there is a situation that requires face-to-face interaction, so rapid eLearning is not of any use. That is why in such cases, you can stick to the blended form of learning and use rapid eLearning as a part of the solution. 

This increases the effectiveness of your project and decreases the extra expenses on the program, thereby keeping the budget in control. Rapid eLearning efficiently manages and balances the training programs by retaining the employees’ creativity, and the instructional principles followed. And the same quality is shown by the microlearning assets. 


It is simple when your training course is too long or too costly. You want it to be cost-effective and at the same self-driven, then use a blended form or strategy of rapid eLearning tools and microlearning assets for some fantastic measurable results. This strategy will automatically give a boost to your training program and positively strengthen your learning culture. 

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