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How to create a comfortable learning home space?


Because of the pandemic, most of the students are engaged in online learning. Remote learning requires a personal learning place in the home, which can have to be comfortable and according to the needs of the children.

We see that many of the parents are worried about how to have the perfect space at home for their children. In this article, I will highlight some of the amazing ways to create a comfortable learning space at home.

When the people first witnessed the pandemic along with lockdowns, many of them were in trauma. Many things got changed, people started working from and children had to attend online classes. In the beginning, the point of having a comfortable space at homes for the children was not much taken into consideration because nobody knew till when the online classes would continue. 

But now things are very much clear and parents have realized the importance of having a comfortable space in the home for learning. Though there are many challenges in creating the right space in a house because some families are joint or some live in flats or apartments, which might not be that big to create a separate room or space for a child. 

Second, most families may have a couple of kids at home, so individual spaces need to be created because the online class timing is almost common for all. And as of now when the lockdown is over still many of the schools are preferring remote studies, so to have a space for a long term, most of the parents took the help of the interior designers to design their house in such a way that it could meet all the needs of each house member. 

9 ways to create the right space for your child

    • Choose the ideal learning place.

Choosing the right space for your child is the most crucial step. The atmosphere of the space should be quiet, away from the noisy sources. Your focus should not be on the size of the place, just look for the ideal conditions and then decide. We should only use the chosen place for studying.

      • The kid’s opinion matters a lot.

Naturally, everybody wants they should be consulted for the decoration of their place, whether at home or at workplace. The same is with your kids. Also, they want to be a part of creating their own space for learning. Their active involvement in designing their learning space makes them feel satisfied and motivated and thus they can concentrate better while studying. In case they are not happy with any of the things, then it might be possible that they refuse to study properly. 

      • Get the proper furniture.

We found that many of the students complained of having backache while studying for long hours during this time of the pandemic. That is because of the absence of proper furniture in the house. Instead of the usual hours that the children spend in school studying, remote learning is more than that. And because the children have to stay in the home only, so they are spending longer sitting on chairs. You really don’t have to buy new furniture for this, but you can simply use alternatives for this. There are several exercising mats, balls, pillows, and different things present in the market, which are much cheaper so you can use them as an alternative to your basic uncomfortable chair. 

      • Decorate the space, use props.

Online or remote learning often makes the child bored easily. And because of that, they are less motivated and productive. They often feel sleepy while studying. So, avoiding all these situations, you can use props and decorate the learning space along with your child. Especially for young children, use enormous pictures or 3D pictures to show the study material. Bright colors make the children more attentive and enthusiastic. You can paste pictures of numbers, alphabets, globe, or any other material to make your child learn while watching.

      • Let your child clean their own space.

Making your child do their work keeps them active and productive. You should encourage them to organize their learning space on their own and keep it tidy. In this way, they learn some important values as well. Though it is difficult to make them understand this that you can take the help of rewards. Awarding them frequently on each achievement will make them encouraged and inspired. 

      • Ensure proper lighting in the room. 

Very dim or bright lights are not suitable for children.’s eyesight and especially when they are having their classes on electronic gadgets. The parents should carefully monitor proper lighting during day and night.  

      • Make separate spaces for each child.

Commonly, most families may have a couple of children at home, so parents should take special care of this so that they should provide a separate place for each child. You can divide each room into a child’s screen like a bedroom for one and the living room for the other one. This can be challenging, but you can’t compromise with your child’s learning space. 

      • Monitor your child’s screening time.

We see that many of the children, even after finishing with their virtual classes, spend time on screen playing video games or on social media. Too much usage of the digital platform is not only good for their mental health but also their eyesight. You should keep a watch and monitor carefully that the child takes proper rest and spends time on physical activity rather than on screens. 

      • Regular interaction with the child.

After getting a separate learning space away from all the distractions, children often interact less with their parents and families. You can decide a specific time when all the family members are free and you can have a fun and interactive time with your child. And especially during this time of Covid-19, when even adults need mental support, then children also need their family to spend some quality time. 


The gist of the entire blog is to create a comfortable earning space in the house, which is according to the needs of the children. Always remember the involvement of the child is a must for an effective and productive result. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

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