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More power to Self-directed learning


In this era of the world that is experiencing major changes technologically, socially, and economically, one thing that has remained constant is the lifelong learners.

Self- directed learning is empowered because of its major benefits. The learners require various tools and platforms which can keep a good track of their growth in learning. Self-directed learning has made the learning process more independent and informal. This is a positive step in the education system now. No more relying on others for attaining a certain goal or learning.

Learning must be constant.

Learning is a constant process that is an essential part of a human’s life. It lets you attain knowledge, skills, and values. It is the duty of all humans to constantly search for the best ways to attain knowledge. 

The common sources of learning are a school, colleges, universities, and other such educational institutions. Things change rapidly in our life. We experience so many recent developments in terms of technology, society, economy, and other such things. But one thing that has remained constant is learning. Though there is a slight change, or you can say people have moved towards self-directed learning


What is self-directed learning?

The age-old process of learning is attaining it from educational institutions like schools and colleges. People start from the primary stage of learning that is from kindergarten or nursery and then gradually move to higher classes and attend colleges or universities. In learning, the learner wholly depends on the teacher or the trainer for the education. 

But with self-directed learning, we change the process. In this, the learner gains knowledge themselves. Usually, people give so much importance or rely too much on educational organizations. The prime focus is on the trainers and teachers and in this way, the self attaining capacity of the learner is neglected. 

People try little or make extra efforts to find things. In self-directed learning, the learners can independently learn and teach themselves. As a learner, you have the freedom to gain as much knowledge as possible and that thought on your desired subjects. Any of the barriers do not limit or bound you. Self-directed learning also promoted informal learning. 

We develop more skills when you will try to find information on your own. The good thing is that in today’s world we have much access to the internet and can easily find things online at any place and at any point in time, thus time self-directed learning can be easily got

The greater importance of Self-directed learning.

In today’s quickly changing environment, when new things are introduced daily, the people who opt for self-directed learning will become more successful. This is because, as a self-directed learner, you already can learn and adapt to new things. 

In a traditional school system, the student spends about 15 years. And during this period, the student is only exposed to a certain standard of teaching, selected learning is being offered in such cases. Whereas if the student depends on himself only, he will also study some extra material or skill which he feels like. 

This is a competitive world, where everyone is working to do the best of all. So this period requires some very skillful people. Posing a certain skill is very important, which is only possible if you work hard on yourself. It requires time and energy and a firm determination to search and learn on its own. 

Everyone is too dependent on teachers and trainers.

This is the biggest cause of why people are less oriented towards self-directed learning. We consider teachers being the primary way of learning things. But in reality, this is not the case, though teachers are important and also hold a special place. Nevertheless, you can’t simply depend on them for everything. 

For lifelong learning, you have been active enough to adapt to new things. In this, your selfmotivation and determination are important. If you are keen to do something, then you do that. Do not rely on people and do not look for support and help. 

The formal way of learning teaches us a lot. It actually makes us educated and confident enough to act wisely. But I would say that we have taken this casually, thus many people misuse it and totally ignore the self-directed learning format. 

Using tools is a must for self-directed learners

Everything is getting digital now. The system of education has transformed a lot as compared to the last year of 2019. Because of the pandemic, 2020 has witnessed a great transformation. The classes are now being held online and all the help is provided online only. There are separate classes to clarify doubts. 

I would say, a difficult time definitely teaches us to change with time and try something new. The students who were previously not even aware of the online format of classes are now easily attending classes right away sitting in their homes. 

Similarly, self-directed learning is also taking a new leap. Several e-learning platforms offer self-directed learning. There are many communities available also, where you can freely express your views, easily read the point of view of others, and can also join discussions

I would say that all the self-directed workers need some basic tools and platforms for constant learning. Being a self-directed learner, you need to search for such tools and platforms for better learning. Focus on lifelong learning rather than keeping yourself dependent on several other sources. 


Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels.

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