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Accepting the new change!


It is a fact that due to the pandemic, many people are working from home. And because of that, the learning process has witnessed several changes.

People are more comfortable working from home as it saves their time of commuting and all; as a result, they are comparatively getting more time for themselves. Hence, accepting the new normal provides you with some of the best tips to get away with the flow.

Covid-19 the "Gamechanger"

During this phase of the pandemic, everybody’s life has changed. People are happily accepting all the changes. Whether the difference is related to the workplace or educational institutions. Workers are enjoying their work from home, and the students are comfortably doing their studies online. 


In some cases, people are also do not liking the new changes. But there is no choice; if one has to move forward, they will adjust to the new surroundings. Here, I will write specifically about the change in the e-learning platform. 


As all the educational institutions are shut due to the pandemic, Students can’t be physically present at the institution, so the teachers are teaching them online. Many students have also enrolled in various learning platforms for better guidance and 24/7 support. 


This article is about the new changes you can make to your e-learning platform to make it desirable for the students. What tips or recommendations can you apply to let the students comfortably register to your e-learning platform? The answer to all these queries is given in this article. So let’s get started!

Some beneficial tips.

There are some essential tips which you can follow to accept the new change. They are as follows:


  • The virtual meet is the new regular.


Many people are opting for online courses these days. This is due to less time and a shortage of money. The courses available on the e-learning platform are pretty cheaper compared to the traditional regular classes. And the learner doesn’t have much time because they may be doing work from home. The online courses are shorter in duration, which makes them ideal for people. 

They are choosing the online course for one more reason- people want to pursue multiple classes. This is possible in this mode of learning, so they are preferable by all the learners. 


  • The regular format of the learning has changed.


The regular old format of the learning was that the offline study would be 80 per cent and the online study was only 20 per cent or even less. Virtual classes don’t have the importance which it holds nowadays. So the entire learning format has changed. 

Now the learner looks for detailed information about the respective subject, so the course available on the e-learning platform should fulfil all the learner’s requirements


  • All the queries must be resolved online. 


It is clear that if the classes are being held online, the students will also have doubts. So the e-learning platform should offer separate classes to answer all the queries of the students. The point is that the learning management system of the e-learning platform should be ready to handle the extra traffic or engagement on it. There should be enough staffing available to handle all of these things. 


  • Recruitment should be held online. 


We all know that the pandemic has given rise to the recession, and during this, many old workers have lost their job. So, after all, this will be overcome; after the pandemic is over, a whole process of recruiting new workers for the e-learning platform should be done online only. This is a good option because you will not have confusion as all the interviews and the meetings are included online. You can ask the teacher to prepare all the study material virtually. In this way, the teacher will also not have the headache to be physically present, and at the same time, you will also get to know about their skills needed for an online class. 


  • Include Augmented reality and Virtual reality in training. 


AR and VR are two mediums that could be widely used on the e-learning platform to teach students. These two realities are the future of technologies and may help make learning more accessible and enjoyable. But before introducing this, you need to train the set of teachers working under your e-learning platform. They should feel comfortable while teaching the students through this medium. 


Due to the pandemic, both the students and the teachers need pieces of training. The best thing the teacher can do is understand the basics of using the medium and be skilful. Revise it regularly so that no problem occurs while teaching the students. 


This is a hard time for almost everyone. Both the teacher and the student have to adjust to the new teaching and learning, respectively. Along with the students, the teachers need to train themselves also. The goal is clear that the learner must have the best experience on the platform.

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