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Some ways to strengthen student-teacher communication


We all are aware that because of the global pandemic, remote learning will continue further. Even though the lockdown is over, most educational institutions are preferring remote learning rather than traditional offline classes.

The most important thing about remote learning is the efficacy of the communication between the student and the teachers. Most of the people are concerned about strengthening the communication between them. 

Though the problem is not that big, because the right steps are not followed, the communication loses its pace in the classroom. In this article, I will try to highlight some of the effective ways to strengthen student-teacher communication. 

The students might at every level of point require the teacher’s help in completing their assignments or clearing any doubt about the concept taught. So digital communication is the most essential thing for every student in today’s scenario. 

With the proper use of instructional technology tools and EdTech access, both teachers and students can simply take advantage of these. These tools help the students both academically and making digital communication work better. 

What is the importance of building strong digital communication?

The key reason behind building strong digital communication is the absence of face-to-face or real-time presence. In the traditional mode of offline teaching, there was never a communication gap between the students and the teachers because both were physically present in front of each other. All the doubts could be cleared there and then. 

As soon as remote learning was preferred, some students felt that there was a communication gap. That’s probably because of the problems associated with the digital platform. But now the teachers, as well as the educational institutions, have taken up this topic seriously. 

The communication on the eLearning platform is done via text messaging, social media posts, mobile-based applications, emails, and other several applications supporting virtual interaction and help for the students. 

Student-teacher communication is always with a purpose, a purpose whose importance cannot be ignored at all. These communications build a trusted relationship between the student and the teacher and develop new skills which are beneficial for the overall performance of the students. 

Ways to promote strong communication.

Though there are many ways to strengthen communication between the student and the teacher, here I’ll highlight some of the important ones. They are:

  • Communication via Emails.

I know that email is not the new way to consider, but is one of the best ways to communicate. Though emails are mostly used by the officials, they gained a lot of popularity during the time of the pandemic, when it was even preferred by the students as well. The educational institutions also praised the teachers for their active performance and faster replies. 

The queries of the students, like any problems while solving their homework or assignment were also answered quickly. The students can also share their doubts or problems not just in words but also via images. For example, if there is a problem with a specific part of the question, the student can easily take a screenshot of it and share it via email with the teacher. 

In this way, the teacher also understood the problem with much ease and could give a correct answer to the problem. Immediate help from the teacher is just like a blessing in disguise for any student. 

  • Communication via text messages.

This is another effective way to strengthen the communication between the student and the teacher. It gives immediate results. The student need not apply extra effort to it. It is easy to use and is very simple. 

Previously, this method was used for the communication between the parent and the teacher, but now, according to the need of the time, it is used by the students also to communicate with the teacher. For text messages, you also don’t need to have an internet connection. 

Though you cannot add multimedia files to it so the mode of communication is in words only. But still this way is much prevalent because of its ease of use. Mostly the students text the questions to the teachers and the teacher can raise that topic in class for having a discussion and then ultimately a solution to it. 

  • Communication Via mobile-based applications.

I would say this is the most commonly used method to be used by the teachers and students to communicate. There are several mobile applications available which not only support text messages but also the transfer of multimedia files. 

The applications offer a wide range of features, like group chats, instant sharing of pictures, video, and audios. It’s an easy way to communicate personally as well as in large groups with the students. A teacher can divide the students and make groups and address all the important things there. If a student is shy to raise questions in front of everyone can message the teacher personally as well. 

These applications also support video and audio calls over the internet for better coverage. So if a student cannot understand anything in writing, they can request a call from a teacher for better communications and a solution to the problem. 

  • Communication via the official website.

Educational institutions are quite active on digital platforms now. Whether it be announcing any new thing or introducing any new feature to its webpage. These educational institutions are trying their level best to decrease the communication gap by some regular efforts done on their official web page. 

The tutorial videos or feedback forum specially built for the student to strengthen their communication with the school even during this time of Covid19. A feedback forum works very well when the actual problem is to be determined by the school authority. 

The student and the parents can give regular feedback about any improvement or modification or the teaching approach or any positive thing about the learning process.


Finding the best tool or way to strengthen communication is a vital step. A student, as well as the teacher, needs to handpick the best way for effective distance learning. While choosing any of the ways, just make sure that security or privacy is maintained. Select wisely, keeping all the flexibilities and requirements in mind.

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