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Things that make your e-learning content fascinating?


Who wants to read boring content? Content with no visuals or interesting facts. No one wants to deal with such content.

Several e-learning platforms mean more competition amongst them. And the one which possesses the best content wins the heart of the learners. From scripting to storytelling what to include and what not and what role the mixed media plays in enhancing the level of readability, all these essentials you will find in this blog.

An interesting read is all a learner wants!

As a reader or a learner, you definitely don’t want to see content that is not at all interesting. In fact, nobody would prefer to read boring content. There should be a spark in content that can attract the learner’s attention. The prime motive of the content writer should be that the reader doesn’t lose his/her concentration while reading. 

This is definitely not a simple task as it requires writing skills. If a content writer doesn’t use the required writing skills, then he/she cannot fulfill the expectations of the reader. I am sure all the content writers would agree with this. Because as a writer I can relate to this how difficult sometimes it becomes to make the content interesting. Many professionals use a certain form of art and style to make it to the point. 

The content present on the e-learning platform should be written from the perspective of the learner. So that when the learner reads it, he/she can understand the topic in the depth without the loss of concentration. If at a first visit only you impress the learner with the quality of the content, then for the next sessions also he/she will reach out to your platform only.

Which elements to include to make content more interesting?

At GreyAtom, we put a lot of emphasis on storytelling. It is a very important part of the learning process. Storytelling holds a very important role because it allows the learner to imagine certain things. And when the learner visualizes things, he/she can understand things much better. Visual elements include things like font size, typography, layout, and color. 

With the help of storytelling, the trainers or the teachers can easily present their ideas in front of the learners. They can also show their level of creativity and inventiveness. Storytelling is a far better way to let the students understand the concept rather than just reading the topic simply in one go. In this way, it becomes an interesting interaction for both the educator and the learner. 

A story must have the following things:

  • The main character and the aim of the story.

  • The theme or the setting of the story.

  • The twists along with the solutions present.

  • The culmination of the story.

The content should be inclusive of mixed media.

With mixed media I mean to say the content should contain media like images, videos, animations, graphics, slides, audio, etc. This is important to do so because we all know that our mind reacts much faster to these media rather than just simple texts. A learner also finds it fascinating to see such kind of content. This will help him/her understand better but much faster. To make your videos more interesting you can use certain tools to enhance its efficiency.

The proper framing should be done so that the content setting doesn’t look weird to the learner. Adequate spacing between the text and the frame should be carefully measured for a perfect look. If a learner at a first glance has a pleasing effect then no matter what your content is, the learner will give it a full read. 

The background of the content is equally important to be mentioned. Because it lets the learner focus on the subject of the content. If you slightly blur the background of a particular part then it will look different from the rest of the part. 

While making a video for any of the content, remember to use the correct form of lighting. Sometimes people place the lights above the camera which creates a shadow in the video. So put the lights behind the cameras for a perfect shot. Natural lighting is best for a balanced view. 

The last thing to keep in mind is the sound system. While recording several noises can act as a barrier for a perfect video or audio. For this, if you follow certain tips like- if you want to remove the unwanted voice then record a short noise patch priorly and use it in place of the actual noise. You can pause a little longer between the takes. It requires a great editing skill for a perfect video. 


Interactive learning platform

In the traditional way of teaching, a teacher stops in between and asks students to respond or tell something they didn’t understand. Similarly, in a learning platform for interesting and interactive content to let the learners respond frequently. Invite them to ask anything they didn’t get, or if they want to express their views regarding their experience. This is very important because it maintains a healthy connection between the learner and the teacher. It would be beneficial for them in further studies. 

For some diversity in the course, you can also go for collaborations. This will let some new interesting content enter your platform. The learner will find it appealing as they will interact with some of the amazing subject matter experts. This is not only good for the learner but also for the e-learning platform as it will boost the engagement and traffic on it. 

Clear communication is a must, whether it is between the teacher and the learner or it’s between the students. Allow the learners to connect among themselves, as in this way they feel more free and comfortable in sharing their views. A good user experience is very much necessary for both the learners and the e-learning platform. 

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