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BORI – Bharat Vidya – Review

BharatVidya Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute

Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute has launched I have subscribed and completed the 1st 7 sessions of the Sanskrit Course. 

Pros – 

  1. Good Production Quality of the Videos – Typically, lots of content creators do this in low-budget Green Screen-type videos. Videos are professionally shot. Instructors are appropriately dressed. 
  2. Starts with absolute basics. Many Sanskrit courses start with an emphasis on spoken Sanskrit. This is targeted toward a more global audience. The course starts with vowels and consonants. It’s pronunciation and writing.
  3. Self-study is imbibed within the sessions and not left to the student. 
  4. Revision is also within the video. Trust me, you need to watch it to understand.
  5. Hosted on Teachable. Good long-term decision. BORI chose to focus on content, delivery and outcomes (and NOT technology)

Cons – 

  1. Paid Programmes need to have 1 or 2 free lectures. This will have people purchase the products more. 
  2. Lecture duration has lots of variance. You have lectures from 17 mins to 83 mins. BORI should make a conscious decision to adopt a range of duration. Will lead to higher completion rates. 


Suggestions – 

  1. Open up the Course Comments feature on teachable. You can keep very relaxed SLAs for your TA/ RAs to reply.


Overall, This is a superb initiative. I wish BORI tons of success for this initiative.