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Click! – Book Review

Click Book

Click! is conversational, educational & personal. It makes conversion rate, KPIs, and sales funnel more relatable. Definitely recommended for anyone working on a commercial website. I enjoy going straight to the point and find an answer to a problem.

When talking about design and usability, for example, we see topics talking about dark patterns, empathy, and cognitive load?

In the book, you’ll learn how to:

  • measure conversion effectively
  • build a user-centric sales funnel
  • address objections and reduce risks
  • build trust and overcome skepticism
  • persuade people well without alienating them
  • boost business KPIs sustainably
  • apply quick wins to help business today
  • establish long-term strategy for better conversion.

There is some treatment to a/b testing and gathering user data. It is basic/intermediate level. The chapter on measuring conversion is full of gems. When talking about trust, the author tells us about language nuances?

p.S.: I found great content on the author’s website and podcast too.

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