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Eat That Frog | Book Review

Eat That Frog


Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy is an exciting read for influencers who are struggling to put their ideas and techniques in a way that extracts benefits.


The book covers a total of 21 chapters with every chapter offering a lesson in its unique way. The book is easy to read but could be difficult to grasp if you don’t get along with the facts it’s trying to set you up with. 


Every piece of advice shared in the book comes from the personal experience of the author. The core knowledge that the book tries to ship off is primarily to adopt actionable exercises that you can implement at your convenience.


The reason why anyone will enjoy reading this book is the alignment of the book with real-life scenarios, and how easily they blend in together. Every chapter in the book shares an idea that will put procrastination on the back seat and will help you get things done. 

What is the book about?

The book, well, is about a lot of things, including the possible ways Brian Tracy would go ahead with to effectively manage his time. 

The journey of reading this book kicks your inner enthusiasm and encourages you to pin down your things on paper especially when you are setting a goal or making a plan. 

The title of the book comes from Mark Twain, who said Eating a live frog could bring you a fabulous day. 

The idea behind this is, to start your morning by finishing the task that you are going to delay for most of the day. Once you are done, you can settle down for the rest of the day without having the actual baggage of finishing a task. 

For instance, if you hate to exercise but you know you have to, it is best to do it first thing in the morning. Prioritize the tasks that you are very happy to procrastinate for the rest of the day. 

Although it could be difficult once you start, however, with time it keeps getting better and you finally inculcate a habit. This is an absolute life-changer.

Key Takeaways!

Explaining tasks and work completion strategy, Tracy emphasizes the top three key qualities that are mandatory to develop any task. It is then followed by the 21 methods. They are: decision, determination, and discipline. 

  • Establish a decision to inculcate a habit of finishing a task.

  • Be disciplined enough to religiously follow the 21 principles repeatedly.
  • Have determination once you sit on the chair that drives you towards your goal. 

The book then traverses to explain the 21 techniques that will help you to eat your frog. The strongest suit of these techniques is how efficiently they are backed up with accurate methods. 

Worth the Read?

The book shares some of the finest practical tips that one can follow to focus on the tasks that need immediate attention. 

For procrastinators, the book shares a lot of high-value content. To sum up, the book explains the ability of one to concentrate on a task, focus on it, and finish it to achieve success. Also, the time management concepts in the book are eye-openers.

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