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Euclid’s Window – Book Review

Euclid's window

If you are a maths and science buff- this is for you. This is a book that unlocks the philosophy behind the subject. Solid story telling. Sufficiently non-technical for masses.

I loved the way the author described the historical research of geometry. I really appreciate his way of explaining complex mathematical questions in such a simple way. It broadens my horizon of reading mathematics or science-related books. I would say that half of the book is the history of geometry and the other half is of Einstein. 

It is an amazing book covering the range of five revolutions in geometry, from the Greek concept of parallel lines to the latest notions of hyperspace. Leonard Mlodinow wrote it. 

The author gave simple explanations about the usage of non-Euclidean geometries, along with the theory of relativity and other physics-related theories. And mass-energy distribution with the metric of four-dimensional space-time is so clearly explained that a layperson could easily understand it. I found the string part also quite interesting and useful to read. 

Apart from just mathematical, the author made to introduce a touch of humor to maintain the interest of the reader. Whenever I was losing interest or not able to understand anything, I got to read a joke in between, which again motivated me to read further. Some instances written by the author are just hilarious, you will definitely enjoy reading them.

The author’s excitement and interest in science and his perception of the universe are totally engaging, and I am very glad that I had the chance to read this book.

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