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How to Enjoy Calculus- Book Review

How to Enjoy Calculus

It is one of the best books on calculus that I have ever read. Most people highly recommended it and most importantly double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling has endorsed it too. 

Eli S. Pine has written the book in the easiest way possible that a secondary school student could easily understand it. If you have failed to understand calculus in your initial years, then you should definitely read this book to help you understand it better.

It is written at an elementary level giving the inside out of all the techniques used in calculus. The concepts are based on topics like slope, area, volume, integral calculus, and differential equations. 

And the best part of the book is that they also discussed all the topics mentioned with real-life experiences so that the reader might not find it difficult to understand the practicality of the topic. All the steps mentioned in the book are well explained and the writer has made use only of the necessary mathematical symbols to give it an easy read to the beginners. 

I would highly appreciate the writer of the book for beautifully explaining the topics of calculus for even a high school level of students. 

If you are struggling with calculus or you are very interested in learning calculus, then you should definitely go with this amazing book!


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