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How to Win an Indian Election- Book Review


This is a perfect book for you if you want to know the entire process of elections. The book is written by a former campaign consultant, Shivam Shankar Singh. Book is based on researchers, interviews, and the author’s own experiences. 

The book will give you valuable insight into the functioning of the political parties and how success is achieved after several political campaigns of the party. After reading this, I just realized that as ordinary voters we really don’t know the reality of the entire process of election. There is a lot more to discover if we deep dive into it.

I found the reasoning very interesting about the unending corruption in the country and several topics like what is the need of consultants in a political party, what is the use of money and power in the election, the aspects of the political campaign, and what all it would take to win the elections. 

The author threw immense light on the features of politics. The best thing was the experiences mentioned by him were very recent that helped me understand things much better. I also want to appreciate the author for his unbiased thoughts and reviews, which did not take the sides of any partner party or community. 

After reading the book, I understood one thing: that political elections are all about winning; it has nothing to do with the voters or the policies. Everything is fair in it, whether it’s bribery, distribution of alcohol, or creating any fake propaganda

I would say it’s an easy-to-read non-fiction book that has the power to develop curiosity even in the person who has got little or no interest in elections.

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