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How can virtual learning be made different from face to face learning?


Face to face learning and virtual learning are both essential forms of learning. You can’t deny that virtual learning is the learning of the future.

For the convenience of the students, the instructors need to make sure that the face-to-face learning differs from virtual learning, keeping the communication research and authenticity of the learning the same. The teaching approach should be new, innovative, and unique. We must create a healthy environment for better learning


From the current situation, it is observed that online teaching would continue for the next session. We all will agree that face-to-face learning differs slightly from virtual learning. The theoretical part might be the same, but the way of teaching and explaining it has changed. 


Many students and even teachers who were not very good with technical skills are now dealing with all the efforts. This is a positive change in the learning process. For a better result, the students must continue practising the skills to not become a barrier in the future. As a teacher, you can guide the students at the beginning of the session by providing technical guidance. 


Give them proper instruction about using specific tools in the learning process. For example, if you are using a tool called Google classroom for the virtual class, the student must be guided on using its features. Basic features like how to submit an assignment or submit the feedback or fill the form? All these doubts must be cleared in the beginning only so that you may have a smooth functioning in the future. And secondly, no student should face any problem while working on the tool. 

What should be the effect of virtual learning on the teacher to parent relationship and teacher to teacher relationship?

Both the above relationships must be solid in the online mode of studies. Because the fundamental reason is that you are not meeting each other face to face every day, the mutual understanding should be strong enough to look after the needs of the students somewhat. 


Like in the offline mode of teaching, there are monthly meetings held between the teacher and the parents, whose aim is to give monthly feedback on the student’s behaviour in studies and with everyone. Similarly, for the virtual classroom also parent-teacher meetings must be held. It should not be a face-to-face meeting, but it can be done via video or audio calls. written report can also be sent to the parent’s email. 

The occurrence of these meetings should not be monthly or after 15 days, but its frequency should be more. You can have it on an average of 2 days, or the best is sent daily. In this way, the connection between the teacher and students becomes strong, and both of them are aware of the student’s behaviours in the class and the house. It is quite beneficial for the student as if things are not going in the right direction, both the parents and the teachers could take the necessary action. 


Secondly, teacher to teacher connection is equally important because, in the offline mode of teaching, the teachers were meeting daily, and a suitable plan was made with time. These meetings should continue to happen in the online teaching mode; in fact, the meetings should be held more frequently. There are various video conferencing platforms that offer staff meetings, so the presence of the teachers along with the head or the principal is a must. 


For greater assistance to the students, form several online communities of a group of teachers responsible for guiding the students generally, in case they face any problem while studying online. It is an excellent opportunity for the students and the teachers to mingle more with each other for a positive result in studies.

How can content be made different from face to face learning to virtual learning?

Unlike the content used for teaching offline, the content for virtual learning should be different. Different in the sense that you need to be extra careful while picking up the topic as it has to be presented online where maybe the students cannot get you properly. So a wise selection is critical. 


When you are teaching online, unlike the regular class, you have to go a little slow so that the students can make up for your speed. There are several problems with going online, whether it is the internet connection problems or the lack of interest in studying online. All these things are everyday, so the teacher must be ready to deal with them. The aim should be no students are left behind due to any cause in the studies.


As a teacher, you can encourage the students to emphasize skills like analyzing the topics in detail, point questions them, and make the most of the knowledge out of it. Please encourage them to learn from practical use and find those examples in their respective homes. This will increase their interest in studies and make them much more creative and productive


Special instructions must be provided if you give any assignments to the students. On that note, ask them to make the correct use of tools, format, pictures, text, or any such thing. You can give these instructions in written or with a pre-recorded video so that the students can preview it once before starting with the assignment. The instruction note or video must also mention the deadline for the submission and be specific with the time limit to understand the importance of submission on time. 


The objective of the assignment must be creative enough to help the students gain knowledge and don’t get bored while completing it. Encourage the students to search for recent developments related to their assignment and get deeper into it. You can also ask them to present their views in front of the entire class, helping them gain confidence and motivation. 

What should remain the same in a face to face learning and virtual learning?

It is not necessary that everything needs to be changed from both modes of teaching. Both are the forms of teaching only, so the fundamental aspects of education cannot be changed. Like there should always be clear communication in both these forms of teaching.


Secondly, the timetable and daily responsibilities rules must be followed strictly. Learning is learning, whether being held offline or online, the authenticity should be maintained, and the focus should always be on gaining the knowledge.

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