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How to build an inclusive online school?



COVID-19 has shattered many of the learner’s minds. No school, no offline classes, no play, and many more things have profoundly impacted students’ minds.

You must motivate and inspire the students to accept the new normal. An inclusive school is the best way to make students feel safe and secure. We are here presenting you with some fantastic ways to build a secured and productive inclusive school.


An inclusive online school is a complete e-learning platform suitable for all learners. I am using the word complete because it is that online school that is not affected by any of the pandemics and can provide all the facilities to the students. 


We all know that the world is presently witnessing a pandemic called Covid-19. Due to this pandemic, almost everything has changed, whether for the employees working from home or for the students taking online classes. These changes were necessary to avoid the further spread of the virus.


People are trying their level best to adopt these new changes, and they have succeeded up to a reasonable extent. Especially the students who no longer attend their regular offline classes where they need to be physically present. They now have to participate in virtual courses. As educators, it is essential to provide the best experience while learning online. 


Proper guidance should be provided to the students to accept the new normal. The teachers should make all the possible efforts to provide effective learning online. A positive attitude and welcoming gesture towards the students is essential to making learning convenient and valuable. The students should feel left out or bored due to the lack of virtual assistance from the teachers. 


The school authorities are trying their best to virtually provide the best teaching experience, which is a good thing. But there are specific needs of the students which the administration should keep in mind while providing online assistance. Listed below are some considerations that the authorities must consider for a better inclusive online school for the learners. 

The learning program must be reachable to all.

This is the basic necessity; if the program is not accessible to all the learners, it will be considered biased and inconvenient. As an author of the learning program, you can’t just make it available to certain sects only but to those who live in a densely populated area and not to those who live in remote areas.


As a responsible educator, you must help those children get virtual learning who face any problem with the internet connection. You need to bridge the digital gap in society so that the students who cannot study virtually can easily overcome this internet problem and continue their studies further. 


A firm assurance must be provided to the students’ families to feel the secure environment of virtual learning. To assure the students and their families, you can demonstrate specific solutions and understand the importance of virtual education, especially during these challenging days. Work with people who can help you expand the internet connection for a break free signal. With all the combined efforts of educators and students, an efficient, inclusive online school can be formed for break free learning. 

2. Diversity in language with a multicultural curriculum is a must for a student.

In a traditional offline mode of school, the students get to witness a multicultural environment. This helps them to adjust to all types of people. And most importantly, their interaction and responsive power increase. So the virtual programs should be designed to interact easily with their teachers.


A feel being recognized is crucial from the student’s perspective. The educator should address each student so that no students feel left out and feel that they are not being appropriately handled. This can be done by providing extra classes to make the class more interactive. This is a simple mantra: more time, more interaction. The simple lectures that might get boring with reading should be presented creatively so that the learner might not lose concentration. Rich content with the freedom to study in a distinct language is necessary for healthy learning. 

3. Building an online community

A solid and healthy relationship between the teachers and the students might be a barrier in virtual classes. But this is a barrier that can be easily broken by building online communities where the students and teachers can communicate easily. Clear communication is essential for building a healthy bond. This might not be possible in a limited time of classesso there could be an online community for accessible communication. 


This will also create a sense of respect and trust between the teacher and the student. The student will have a more comfortable and satisfying experience in the virtual class, which would help them to understand better. It is a similar process you get to see in the offline mode of schooling where the initial few days are kept to understand each other. For the teachers, it is necessary to understand the student’s background to understand them better. 


Many students have a notion that virtual classes are hard to pursue. But this is not the case with online learning; the students are entitled to more career opportunities with better learning.


The inclusive online school is no less than an offline mode of schooling. It is just that the educators need to understand the students’ perspectives and needs to receive the best of the virtual school.

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