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How does knowing the students helps in building a stronger relationship?

How does knowing the students more help in building a much stronger relationship?


Many of you will agree with this that for a stronger relationship, you need to know that person thoroughly. As a teacher, you can build or have a stronger bond with your students if there is a mutual understanding.

In fact, a student respects that teacher more who is closer to him or her. An enthusiastic atmosphere created by the teachers helps the students to feel more comfortable and calm. 


Learning can be made much easier and more fun by having a strong bond between the teacher and the student. No matter which subject you are as a teacher, teaching, creating a friendly environment should be your priority.  

As an author, I have seen many successful teachers in my life who have devoted the precious years of their life teaching important lessons perfectly. They all have one thing in common: that they have the potential to create a powerful learning impact on the students. 

Their tone and gestures were so polite that helped the students to gain knowledge in the best way possible. They not only tried to maximize the learning potential of the students but also ended up having a positive bond with the students. 

Having a strong relationship between a teacher and a student is considered being the fundamental aspect of the learning process. This aspect not only helps the teachers but also the students as they develop a sense of belonging for the school and they feel much motivated to take part in the classroom activities. 

In this way, it helps the students to gain more confidence to express their views with no hesitations and fear of failure. They develop these characteristics of adapting things and adjusting to the environment in a much easier way. All this is because a student somewhere looks up to the teachers as their role models and they learn many things from how a teacher behaves. 

Some valuable advice and guidance from the teachers are just like a blessing for a student. Because then they feel more motivated and achieve their goals with firm determination. 

According to some well-known research and studies, we find that there are some identifiable influences which really help in effective learning of the students in a classroom. These influences include teaching plans, valuable discussions in the classrooms, classroom coherence, expectation of the teacher, along with their credibility and classroom behavior.

The growth of the student, both academically and personally, is equally important. For that, a teacher needs to create a positive health and a supportive atmosphere in which the students must feel encouraged and cooperative.  

A productive classroom makes the students more energetic and creative and helps them grow both academically and personally. As the anxiety level of the student is decreased if his or her prime focus is on production. And all this is only possible when the teacher-student relationship is strong.

How can different apps help the teachers in creating a friendly classroom?

You can find several apps on the internet for creating harmonious or friendly classrooms for the students. One such webpage that I found on the internet was the Loop website. Not to be particular about this website, I would rather talk about apps that how they help the teachers.

From all my experiences, I can strongly say that a strong teacher-student relationship is a must for healthy learning in the classroom. Especially for the students who are in their first year of secondary schooling. 

With the help of the apps, you can easily get a different range of options for many students in one place. If you are using the loop or any other app, then you might simply do all these things:

You can easily provide a safe environment for your student to express their views.

You can receive responses from each student about which type of classroom suits them best so that they can perform their level best in the classroom. 

You can also make them feel safe and comfortable to share their experiences so that you can change or change your teaching approach. In this way, you can quickly enhance the learning experience of the students from the beginning only. 

All these efforts made by you not only connect with the student stronger but also the student respects and values you more. These apps really help you increase your ability to solve problems and ultimately you can make the best decisions about your student’s well-being. 

Keep one thing in mind that the student must feel safe while using any of the apps with you, as this will have a direct impact on how much he or she will share things with you. So it’s upon you which app do you use and how you convince the students to feel comfortable with it. This entire process helps in creating a much harmonious environment in the classroom. 


The importance of understanding the student is very important. If your students are not in touch with you, then you can’t have a positive environment in the classroom. Trust me on this that all the incredible efforts of the teachers are very much appreciated by the students and immediate positive effects could be seen in the potential of the students in the classroom. 

Make the initiatives as early as possible to empower students to raise their voices in the classroom to make the learning more effective and productive. Take the help of the tools and support your students to grow faster and engage them in building a stronger bond. The apps have really helped the teachers to strengthen their relationships with the students. 

Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels.

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