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How to be the specialist of e-learning design?

How to be the specialist of e-learning design_

Design aesthetics, navigation, color contrast, length of module, readability and more will impact whether your e-learning platform will stick to the user.

They can be the design, effectiveness, aesthetics, navigation, color contrast, and many more like these. If all these factors are overlooked or not followed then it will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the e-learning platform which will eventually decrease the engagement on it. 

What is an efficient e-learning platform?

Navigation of the e-learning platform must be simple and easy so that the student can find things easily. The options for accessing the live classes or finding any teacher must be seen on the home page. The learners would not appreciate an e-Learning platform, which is difficult to operate and work on.


This is because the aim of the platform must lose none of its users. And as soon as the student’s mind deviates or he/she cannot find things easily on the eLearning platform, they will for sure quit the platform.

How to design an efficient e-learning platform?


Many factors affect the design of the e-learning platform. It depends on the developer or the designer to resolve this and design things according to the learner’s demands

Listed below are some important points which you must keep in mind to make your e-learning platform efficient and easy to use. These points are:

  • Aesthetics is important: Since your e-Learning platform is used by the students, we should design it in such a way that it attracts everyone who visits it. It can be done by adding images, videos, graphics, and other such things. Focus on symmetry, shapes, and patterns. 

Maintain the color contrasts and balance of the design. Everything should be arranged properly and complement each other. The logo of the eLearning platform should be in tune with your design. The logo should be creative and eye-catching.

Good branding increases the traffic and engagement of the visitors and also gives proper recognition. Getting recognized by the students or the learners is very important, as it not only increases the number of users but also attracts many others to join. 

We see that the right usage of images acts as a helping hand in the entire branding process. Always make the position of such eye-catching images and videos must be accurate to have the maximum attention of the visitors.

  • Color coordination is a must: While browsing through the eLearning platform, the user should not have any problem regarding the color contrast. For that, you need to make sure that the colors used on your website may not harm or cause any pain to the user’s eye. They should not get tired while browsing the website. 

For example, red attracts the maximum number of people. While orange is that color that acts as a sign of communication and learning. The colors like yellow and green are happy and positive colors. 

For example, in a classroom, the teacher is asked to mark the work or the assignment of the student with a green color. This is done because usually the mistakes are marked with red color, which sometimes hurts the student’s self-esteem. As he/she may feel low and unmotivated. That is why green color is used, which gives a positive impact on the student and they feel encouraged and resolve the problems.

Discoverability – The lessons or the tutorials available on the eLearning platform must be easily found by the learner. A properly designed and manageable platform is beneficial for the learner. Try to avoid all the disruptions while the learner is undergoing any lesson or any video. 

  • Convenience at its best: Under convenience comes to the ease of use, instinct, and readability. The readability of the content present on the platform should be easily understood. The learner must not feel uncomfortable while reading things. 

The videos and projects should contain the simplest of the language. The major reasons behind quitting the user of the platform are that the slow loading of the webpage, low-grade designs, and navigation

All the buttons and functions should be in the right place. When the user is visiting your site maybe he/she is in a hurry so the options which he wants to be seen should be clearly present right there.

Second, as we all know, time is precious, so completing things in a certain fixed time is good. But clearly, this does not mean that you rush fast and do not fulfill all the requirements. Loopholes should be covered well. It is about the reputation of the eLearning platform if it does not meet the expectations of the learner. 

Before any of the function are live on the platform, make sure you test them so that it does not create any problems in the future. Efficiency is the prime key to the success of the platform.


If all these points are NOT followed properly, then there are chances you may lose your student. You are not only risking the learner’s knowledge but also playing with your e-learning platform’s reputation.

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