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What’s the need for Uberization in tutoring?


In today’s modern age, or rather I would say the mobile age where everything is just a click away from us. Using mobile phones has made things instant and easier to reach.

Whether you want to do shopping or order food online, everything can be done via mobile phone. Almost all the industries including the health care service and the home care services are all Uberize.

The term Uberize or Uberization is a recent term that explains how the service-based industries are using platforms, specifically mobile applications, to start transactions with their customers. It is the same as ordering your favorite food online by using mobile applications like Swiggy or Zomato, or booking a cab from applications like Uber, Ola, etc. 

The mobile applications give instant and real-time results whether you want to know the traffic of a certain area or the current weather of your place. Uberization is that aspect where the industries identify and fulfill the need for transparency and broadening of reach of their services. But there is one industry that is not much into this phenomenon of Uberization and is now making its way to it, the industry is a private segment of tutoring.

The effect of Uberization on tutoring.

Now, many educational technology companies are trying to make mobile applications that are easily reachable to the learners at their place.

The EdTech companies are using the strategy of pairing up with the local tutors to provide personal learning help to the students rather than just adopting the technique of providing tuitions on video chats to a group of students. These local tutors are certified and quite eligible to pinpoint and solve the doubts of the students.

Here, in this blog, I’ll try to highlight some of the common problems that can be easily tackled by this technique of Uberization in the tutoring process. They are:

1. Growth of Client Pool.

Many tutors are keen and passionate about the tutoring industry, but they don’t get the right platform or the number of clients to move forward. They have to face the constant struggle to make as many clients as possible. Though they are very hardworking and have the best reviews from the current clients, they still need to make continuous efforts to increase their client pool. 

So by introducing this technique of Uberization, this makes the tutoring accessible to all the learners and they can get the tutor there and then. This mobile application has the same feature as Uber has of location turned on or off depending upon the availability of the tutor. So if the tutor is not available at a certain time, he/she can turn off their location

It is even convenient for the students also who can choose tutors from the applications as per their specialization and subject matter expert. The mobile application then pairs the best tutor available at the nearest location available. This is a straightforward process for the students, teachers, and parents as well. 

2. Comfort the panicked parents for the poor performance of the child by improving the grades on the report card.

Many parents in today’s time struggle with certain topics which they studied in their school time. Often the child asks for help with the homework from the parents and they have to search for the correct answers. Because of this problem, the surge for home tutors has increased a lot, making the tutoring industry grow to a greater extent. 

In families, where both the parents are working and they cannot pick up their child from the school so they book a cab for the scheduled pickup similarly when the parents cannot help the child fully they take help of the mobile applications which provide the best private tutors for their child. It is easy to use by the parents. They just have to select the grade and subject that requires help and the work is done. 

The parents are stress free about the security background of the tutors because the tutors are from well-known certified companies. The tutor’s background is fully checked before getting linked with any EdTech company. There is a full security process that includes a criminal background check, multiple interviews at each stage, and various other screenings along with the mental ability and teaching approach. 

The tutors are from diverse backgrounds, some are current & retired teachers. All the tutors are experienced, well trained, and expert in their specific subject and are passionate about helping the students and solving all the doubts. And eventually when all the doubts are cleared, the students will perform better in class with good grades on the report card.

3. New opportunities for the tutors with effective efficiency.

What do you do when you urgently need a cab to go somewhere, you will definitely book it on any of the mobile-based applications for instant service? Similarly, for the students, it is a blessing in disguise when they need help in the last days of their examination preparation. Usually, it is difficult for the parents to arrange a suitable target for their child urgently, but this problem is easily solved with these mobile applications. 

With this strategy of Uberization, the tutors are getting new opportunities in the industries. It is an enormous challenge for many of the tutors to get reliable clients at a convenient time and place. But with this technology, the tutors can take tuition at their will. The tutors can easily schedule appointments for each student and can have classes for the entire week at their ease.


We all know that the education sector is undergoing a major transformation and everything is made online available. Many EdTech companies are trying hard to make the best mobile application that satisfies all the needs of the learners and provides the best user experience. 

A safe and secured digital platform or mobile application is all a learner wants to fulfill all the immediate requirements, making their learning fruitful.  

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