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Are You The Master Of Scrum_

Are You The Master Of Scrum?

Constant learning and practice are at the heart of Scrum. It is flexible and embraces dynamic factors. It accepts the fact that the team is not aware of all the things when a project begins, thus the team gradually learns things with experiences as the time passes.


Manage Your Tasks, Before They Manage You!

Task Management is all about managing the tasks related to its life cycle. It includes various processes like planning, testing, tracking and reporting. Task management lets you achieve the desired goals by sharing and collaborating with the team or the group. The tasks can be easily differentiated by its type of complexity, it could be high or low.

Domain Driven Design In A Nutshell

Domain Driven Design In A Nutshell

Domain driven Design or DDD is mapping business domain concepts into software artifacts. Which means it is a kind of approach to develop software which is needed for complex business needs.


“One App” Or “Multiple App” Strategy?

The strategy used by the company for the apps can be either the “Multi app” strategy or the “One app” strategy. In the previous years, businesses preferred one app strategy over a multi-app strategy. But now, the trend has changed

Tricks About Metrics!

Tricks About Metrics!

Metrics hold great importance in business and so as in product management. You should know how your business is performing. And can then carry out your further plans.