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Blitzscaling – Book Review

Blitzscaling- BOOK REVIEW

It looks like Reid Hoffman spent a year in GreyAtom and wrote the book. Focuses on the approaches and mindset needed to scale anything.

It’s easy and clear to read. This book is best read with “High Growth Handbook” – Elad Gil. Blinkist version of this book would work well.

I especially appreciated that author speaks about when NOT to blitz scale.

Key Points:

  • Growth over efficiency
  • Maximise 4 growth factors (network effects, market size, distribution, high gross margins)
  • Minimise 2 growth limiters (product market fit, operational scalability)
  • 7 patterns of success (modular system, platform, freemium, market place, subscription, digital goods, feeds)
  • 3 principles underlying this need (Moore’s law, automation, adaptation vs optimisation)
  • The 5 stages and managerial changes (family, tribe, village, city, nation)

Best Quote – “Keep your personal learning curve ahead of the company’s growth curve”

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