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Mathematical Biology – Book Review

Mathematical Biology

I read this book immediately after Econometrics, Damodar Gujarati. This was during the 2010 -2013 phase. I used to do mathematical modeling for Marketing and Sales phenomena. Gujarati restricts his conversations to Economics. J. D. Murray exposes an array of possibilities. Right from “Continuous Population Models for Single Species”, “Geographic Spread and Control of Epidemics” to “Modelling the Dynamics of Marital Interaction: Divorce Prediction and Marriage Repair”. And much more.

Mathematical modelling is being applied in every major discipline in the biomedical sciences. An original application, and successful, is in psychology such as modelling various human interactions, escalation to date rape and predicting divorce.

The aim in all these applications is not to derive a mathematical model that considers every single process because, even if this were possible, the resulting model would yield little or no insight on the crucial interactions within the system. Rather, the goal is to develop models which capture the essence of various interactions, allowing their outcome to be more fully understood.

Super heavy – Many times it is likely that you don’t understand the maths. You need to regress and revise the Mathematics routinely. Core take away from the book – Maths can model many modern sales and marketing phenomena. This can be just the edge that modern B2C product needs.

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