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Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics

Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics

The title caught my eye. The book is written by an American who later joined the Hare Krishna mission and had a change of heart. He became a monk who travelled across India. He understands the cultural milieu in America, Germany and India.

The book starts with a recap of Cows in Hindu literature, right from Rigveda, Mahabharat, Purana to Poetry. The book quote actual verses and their meaning. 

The next chapter deals with Hindus’ modern concern for the cow. Perspectives from M. K. Gandhi, B. R. Ambedkar and A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He presents a “lens of Hindu Thought”. The second aim is to bring non-Indian (Western) animal ethics thought to bear on Hindu animal ethics (including the pursuit of cow care).

The following chapters are well researched and present more operational aspects of cow care. Economic aspects of bovine products are illustrated. These include Milk, Ghee, Dung and Urine & Panchagavya. This is an interesting read even for Indians. 

The book also covers a few case studies of Cow Shelters (Goshalas).


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