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The Question Book: What Makes You Tick?



How often do you find yourself deciding on the list of your favourites? It could be the list of the best books you read or the best parties you have been to. 

  • Would it be possible for you to find the same list you created in 1980 or maybe before? 
  • What about the list of friends you made or the list of your lovers? 
  • Well, there are so many questions like this that might leave you wondering.

If the answer to any of the above questions is a “Yes”, then The Question Book is the route you should take. The book has an extensive list of questions from everywhere, including your personal to professional travel.  

This book is written by Krogerus and Tschäppeler, who are also the popular authors of The Decision Book and The Test Book. This book practically speaks about the wide audience in the frame and has a large audience base.

What is the book about?

The book contains a unique perspective of the audience and covers almost 616 questions, to be precise. The author structures out four primary rules, including the first answer that you think of first. 


As it is being conveyed, the book is written extremely well to understand and learn about yourselves. Also, there is no way better to know yourself than to ask as many questions as possible. 


This book has such proactive questions which have ample space for people to jot down their answers. Through The Question Book, we get answers to tons of provocative questions ranging from personal to professional life. Some of the common and very popular questions in the book are:


  • How replaceable are you?
  • How much time precisely are you spending on the Internet?
  • Whose future do you influence?


The book serves as a great starter or journal.

Key Takeaways!

The Question Book is brief, direct, and fun to read. Every question works as an opportunity to know yourself better and learn plenty more about yourself.

The questions in the book can change the dimensions of the way your thought works. The best part about reading this book is getting an understanding of the important questions that we often tend to ignore. 

There is a grave impact through this book on the young and professional audience. Bulk of the book are for people who are working or are extremely occupied in their professional space. Some subjects mentioned in the book are intriguing and can be termed as a catalyst for thousands of things. This book will help you become more introspective about the way they are pursuing their life.

Worth the Read?

One of the bestselling books of 2011, The Decision Book has impulsive questions that cover every aspect of your life.

The book doesn’t explain the difference between right and wrong but only talks about honest answers. The Question Book can be used alone to meet yourself and know yourself better.

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