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The Test Book: 64 Tools to Lead You to Success

The Test Book


The very first thing that could intrigue you is the “title.” 

Each one lives a life, but only a fool isn’t open to improvements. As it is referred to as the book that contains an essential library of self-knowledge and success. 

The authors, Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler have gained a reputation as writers from their earlier books which makes this book all the more reason to read. The book contains not so light-hearted series of tests that readers can enjoy and establish throughout their life. 

The book signifies the importance of tests and how we are subjected to them from the day we are born. The authors have collected less-intrusive, famous, and a lot more obscure tests which can help us get to know our lives better. 

What is the book about?

What exactly does the book talk about?

The book could fit in your pocket, and contains sixty-four most powerful tools in the world that could help anyone to explore their capabilities and constantly improve their performance metrics. 

Stretched from personality to intelligence, the book contains some of the best ideas to be creative and showcase your leadership skills. The diagnostic tests in the book can help accelerate your career, business, and relationship by explaining to you the list of skills you possess in addition to utilizing them too.

GMAT, IQ, EQ, etc., and plenty more are some of the tests that contain a lot of insights. Every test is wrapped in a few pages to lead your way through to self-knowledge. An in-depth analysis of weaknesses, strengths, and history; the Test Book is your key to acquiring success and happiness.

The book combines tests on lots of other topics that include health, society, knowledge, and personality. 

Key Takeaways!

The best part of reading this book is getting to sharpen your IQ by solving the long set of tests ranging from personality to intelligence. However, there are tons of other categories too that can prove to be useful for the readers.

Some of the tests that completely stand out from the rest are Polygraph, Stork, Fear of Missing Out, Narcissism, and Rorshach.

Another great learning from the book is to be able to identify the test instrument it should present to you. 

For instance, the Lateralization test tells you the dominant side of your brain which you usually think from. The pocket-sized book has plenty of punch that will leave you amazed. 

Worth the Read?

The Test Book simplifies tons of logical/psychological tests that are consumable by anyone. The book is a must-read for anyone who is looking out to have fun by exploring a test or two that is more interesting to them than others.

The Test Book comprises a panoply of ways to know and discover yourself and decide what is needed for you to succeed. As the authors mention, where you stand today describes if you have the right skills, the right partner, and the right job.

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